Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Emma Kate!

Dear Emma Kate,
Emmers, Sugar Bear, Emmy, String Bean, Emma,

Three short years ago you came into my life and forever changed it.
I had always dreamed of having a daughter and you are far better than
anything I had ever dreamed of.
OK, you could have a little more hair! That would be nice.
As of yet, you still haven't had a single haircut.
However, you do have the cutest curls I have ever laid my eyes on! 
Here's what you've been up to lately...
You just made the transition from your crib to your Big Girl Bed.
This broke my heart because you really loved your crib.
In fact the first night in your new bed, I had to go in and comfort you in the middle of the night.
As I was snuggling with you, you whimpered, " I miss my crib Mommy."
It practically broke my heart and it took everything in me not to actually give you your crib back!

You love your gymnastics class.
You love to paint...oh my goodness, you ask EVERY day to paint!
You love your brothers and will play endlessly with "Coco."
He can play pretty roughly. And you can take it.

You also ask every day to have a playdate with your cousin, "Corbie."
I would have to say that he is your best friend, aside from Coco, who you say is going to be your husband someday;)

Your favorite song is "Benny and the Jets." (Who could blame you?!)
Your favorite TV show is still Dora.
Your favorite princess is Ariel.
You love Hello Kitty.
And your favorite color is pink. Ditto! 
We try to get you to ride your tricycle, but you my dear, are a runner.
You will run everywhere if given the chance!
You are very independent, sometimes inconveniently so!
You are doing great with the potty training, however still having 1-2 "accidents" a day.
And you prefer the "Big Potty" to your little ones.

You have a "hilarious" (in your words) sense of humor.
You are a great sleeper, going to bed by 8 and waking up anywhere between
6:30 and 7:30am. You only wake during the night if you're sick. Or have a brand new bed.
Tonight you'll probably wake up just to make me regret ever typing this!
You love to shop with me. Thank God because we do a lot of shopping on our Tuesday's and Thursday's together! 
OK I have to be honest, here are a few things I am not particuarly fond of right now...
You are grumpy when you wake up, especially with Dominic.
You are screaming at everything lately, especially when one of your brothers is doing something you don't like. I am constantly telling you to use your words!
You can also be pretty physical with any children who are younger than you.
My theory is that in your world almost everyone is older, so when you get around anyone smaller, you feel the need to exert some power!

Speaking of size, here are your stats:
Height: 3'6" (100th percentile)
Weight: 35 lbs (84th percentile)
Everyone comments on how tall you are.
Sorry sister, take a look at your family!
I don't care what the statistics say though.
In my book you are and always will be perfect. 
I can hardly believe it's been 3 years since you first arrived, stretching out those long skinny fingers.
(We thought you must be destined for piano playing...we'll see!) 
I wish I could forever imprint on my mind the way you are right now.
Your little fingers and toes.
The ringlets of your hair.
The sassiness of your voice.
And how every night you ask me,
"Mommy, sing Ariel Thingamabobs."
Referring to the song, "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid.
Yes, I happily oblige.
If only to delight in your sweet voice as you join in with me!

Down the road when I am frustrating you like crazy...
please always remember you make my world a brighter place.

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Love, Mommy


  1. Great pictures, great post. I can't believe she's three. Man, we are getting old.

  2. LOVE that last pic! I NEED to post about her Party! You did such a fantastic job! Happy Birthday Emma Kate! I can't believe you are 3!!!

  3. Those pictures are BEAUTIFUL!! Happy 3rd birthday Emma Kate!!

  4. I am finally getting around to commenting on all these posts I read weeks ago. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA! I cannot believe she is 3. Laura, the photos are just gorgeous!