Monday, February 4, 2013

Computer Desk Renovation

When we first learned that we were expecting Emma Kate I knew we were going to have to get creative with our bedroom/office situation. We have a 4 bedroom house and with the 2 boys and the office...well you do the math...something had to give.
So we disbursed our office kind of throughout the house to allow Emma her own room.
I feel bad because the office was mainly Jeff's space:(
Sorry honey!
P.S. It's hard to believe we only a year and a half till Dom goes to college and we will once again be in "room transition."
Anyway, I digress...
We had purchased this gem for downstairs, transforming our dining room to a sort of "study."
I did like that it meant bringing the computer down into the main living space, which with all the kids in the house, was a great idea.
I knew that the "desk" had to be something of which I could close up and hide the contents.
I have never been one to keep a clean desk at home.
This thing is a monster! But it does the job.
Let's take a look inside... 
Yup! That's right! Horrific!
And people think I am organized!
Finally I had had enough. Due to some Pinterest inspiration it was time to make a change.
Not to mention, it had been a year since the purchase of a laptop, which found it's home on the dining room table, leaving the unused PC still in the computer cabinet.
After some renovation... 
Not bad ehh??!!
I decided it was time to not only make it our office/homework space, but the kids' art space as well.
All of our art supplies have been jammed up in one of our kitchen cabinets and they needed some breathing room! 
A Before close up... 
And After... 
Each clear bin has different art supplies in it.
I used a Mason Jar for paint brushes.
Up to the right lie our 2 paper bins, 1 with color and 1 with white.
Coloring books below that.
And the row of Ikea boxes houses computer cables, staplers, some CD's, etc...
If I was really good I'd have them all labeled too.
Maybe someday...
Now lets look below... 
As you can see, this is a place where stuff just gets stashed.
It is also where my hubby keeps his phone, keys, hats, etc...
P.S. Does anyone else's husband have a ton of hats? Arghh!
And After... 
Here's the trick...keeping it this way!
I tried to make it as functional as possible, allowing for it to stay under control.
One of the hardest parts is with 3 kids there is so much paperwork!
Not to mention my own paperwork, bills, etc...
All of it easily piles up.
So to keep up with that, I'm not gonna lie...I have a "dump" area for things I just can't file or do anything with immediately...

2 baskets right on top of the cabinet.
Just within arm's reach to drop and deal with later.
There are few things that I like better than to feel organized in my home.
Everything in life just feels better.
And this time of year always brings with it the
"bug" in me to get on top of things again.


  1. I am already struggling with this, particularly with organizing art supplies. We have a crayon box, but other than that things are starting to pile on top of each other. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  2. Looks Great! Now.... come to my house and do all of that!!

  3. Ahhh, doesn't it feel great to be organized?? I really should make that my full time job! :)

  4. I need this done at my house too... art supplies, toys, clothes. It gets crazy!

  5. It looks awesome! I love the feeling of getting something organized-- finally-- even if it's just a tiny little space. I should use this as motivation... :)