Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dominic's SEVENTEEN?!?!

Dear Dominic,
I am not quite sure how this has happened, but SEVENTEEN years have gone by since you came into this world!
And I didn't even realize that I was feeling emotional about it till I just started typing this post.
You see, you are now the same age that I was when I gave birth to you.
I know, crazy huh?
I, like you, felt so grown up. I mean, I knew that I was really too young to be having a baby.
But God had given me this incredible gift.
I didn't know why. I couldn't look into the future and see how things would turn out.
But I trusted that if God had given me this gift, that He also had plans for us.
Not for one single moment did I consider not taking on this incredible responsibility.
From Day One I would lean down and whisper in your ear as I rocked you,
"The Lord has great plans for you."
And I would daydream about what you'd be like when you are in high school, yourself.
Hmmm...interesting that several years after you were born I looked up the meaning of your name
and read,
"Dominic-belonging to Lord"
Fitting, don't you think?!
Boy, you turned my world inside out and upside down!
And in the best way I could ever imagine!

Over the years we have been through a lot.
Some good, like when Dad came into our lives. 
And some not so good, like when we moved up to Sacramento from Nana and Papa's house.
We were walking through the grocery store, buying the basic necessities.
You said you missed Nana and Papa...and we BOTH cried the rest of the way through the grocery store.
But all the while, you have been my curly haired sweetie who has always been able to light up my face...and my heart.

You are an amazing big brother.
You bring happiness to everyone you meet. 
 I'm not going to pretend I am the perfect mom. I know you will attest to the fact that I am far from it. But my love for you has only grown over the years. I know I don't show it enough and I am way to quick to anger. But you, your bother and sister, and your dad make me want to be a better person.
You have taught me so much.
The other night as I was driving home from work I began thinking about your birthday and reflecting on who you have become.
And I realized...this, THIS, is who you are...all that time I spent daydreaming about what you would be like...Here you are!

You are smart, really smart, as in 4.333333 GPA smart.
You are funny.
You aren't very tidy, but what teenager really is right?!
You are respectful. Most of the time.
You love movies and spending time with friends.
You love politics and getting into people's minds.
(You have always been very intuitive.)
Your favorite color continues to be orange.
You love bacon and pizza.
And going out to eat.
Man you would go out for dinner every night if you could!
But most of all,
you have an amazing heart.
And an amazing love for God.
You are embarking on some of the most decisive times of your life.
Trying to figure out where you want to go to college, what you want to do with your life.
And it is amazing to me that when someone asks you about your future, your response is,
"I'll go wherever the Lord leads me."
Nothing could make a mother more proud than to hear a response like that from her son.
I love you.
I am proud of you.
I could brag to the moon and back about how amazing you are.
Everyday I thank the Lord for blessing me with the responsibility of raising you.
And I pray that I can savor the next 18 or so months that I have left with you before you go off to college...and enjoy it, for all it's worth.
Happy 17th Birthday Dominic!


  1. Dominic has become the WONDERFUL young man he is because YOU are his Mom! Happy Birthday, to both of you!

  2. Love this! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOM!! I remember your "birth" day like it was yesterday. Such a wonderful person you have become!

  3. Agh! 17?! I love all the old school pictures. You were such a baby, Laura! Happy, happy birthday Dom. We are all so proud of the amazing man you are becoming. :)

  4. LOVE! I can't believe Dom is 17! What an amazing journey the past 17 years have been for all of to you all!