Saturday, February 2, 2013

Christmas Faves

OK, so it's been a little over a month since Christmas, which has given me some time to enjoy the many gifts that I received.
We all know what Christmas is really about.
But a girl can't deny that it's always fun to get gifts!
This year my hubby gave me a Cuisinart!
Yes, I really wanted one. For Christmas.
And I am easy to please.
Please don't judge me for having been married almost 10 years without ever owning one of my own!
I have used it once. To grate cheese.
Whatever! I have great plans for this little gem!
Next up...homemade Giants blanket!
Need I say more?!?!
(Except it's difficult to keep my kids away from it!) 
My MIL gave me this cute little Anthropology bracelet.
And my, oh so sweet, 16 year old gave me a new skillet.
Why? You might ask...he has ruined a couple pans over the past couple years, and thought he would "replace" one of them.
Actually, I thought it was really thoughtful!
(I love that he gets his own gifts for everyone.)

Becki and fam gave me the Messy Nest necklace from The Vintage Pearl.
I've been able to enjoy my new rain boots only a couple days.
They are such an upgrade from my bright pink cupcake rainboots that I've been wearing for years!

And probably my FAVORITE gift of 2012...

That's right! This girl is excited for a front loading washer and dryer!!!
I cannot tell you, well if you're a mom, I don't need to tell you, how much time I spend in the laundry room.
And how many miles I put on these machines.
My dryer was making some seriously horrific sounds and was beginning to show its age.
And the had to go too!
(I was given a choice between upgrading my diamond earrings or upgrading my laundry machines.
Damn! Why do I have to be so practical?!?!)

Jeff caught Emma Kate and me watching the clothes tumble around inside for the first time.
Well, there you have it!
A few faves from this past Christmas.
Thank you Santa(s)!


  1. Wow! Santa was GOOD to you!!! I also love the messy nest necklace, so cute!

  2. Kim has a front loading washer/dryer and I think the word I used for her was "futuristic". Maybe someday Santa will get me a pair!

  3. So jealous of your new washer and dryer!

  4. Hilarious with you guys sitting there watching the laundry, lol. :)

    That VP nest is gorgeous!!!