Sunday, February 3, 2013

December Photos

I waited super late to take pictures of the kids in December. It is so difficult to get them all together amidst their schedules, moods, and Emma's nap.
Not to mention...the weather.
One Tuesday I had told Dom, "Today is the day. Don't make any plans after school. We HAVE to get these pictures taken."
As it turned out the weather that day was beautiful! I was so excited, but was praying nothing would get in our way. I had heard that later that night it was supposed to start raining. And I had to get these done for our Christmas cards.
All day long the sun was shining and it was a nice mid 60's.
As I picked Connor up from school I noticed that some clouds were rollin' in...
As soon as Dom got home, I was in go-mode.
It was getting darker...
We headed out anyway.
And we got some cute shots.
I played with some editing on a lot of them to try to compensate for the "greyness." 
Dom thought I was completely nuts when I asked him to throw our office chair in the back of the van to take along... so glad I had it!

I must say that I see many photo shoots of my friends, fellow Bloggers, and on Pinterest...
with such amazingly coordinated outfits!
Not too "matchy." But just enough.
I can barely dress myself, let alone coordinate 3 kids!
This was my best attempt. 

Though the weather wasn't cooperating, my kids were awesome!
It was COLD.
But they didn't care.
Emmy was particularly happy and with that girl, you never know what you're gonna get. 
And Connor...well that kid is happy if he's anywhere near dirt and trees.
Check. And Check. 
Here's a few without any color changes... 

Towards the end Dominic started getting a little restless, which usually entails a certain amount of goofiness... 
Emma Kate decided it looked like fun too! 
(Emma Kate and Connor think he's pretty cool.)
So happy we got the photos done even though the weather wasn't ideal.
What I really need to do is spend some time getting to know my camera better:(


  1. These pics are FABULOUS! My aunt and uncle were professional photographers for a long time and always say that gray skies are the BEST for outdoor photos. (Or maybe they just said that to keep their Bay Area brides happy on their gloomy wedding days :)

  2. SUCH great pictures!! What program did you use to edit them?

  3. Teegs suggested PicMonkey. I use it all the time!

  4. Love, love! Great job on the color "scheme" too! :)

  5. Connor in his scarf-- sooo cute. :) My favorite is Dom doing the push up with Emma on his back, adorable! Now we just need someone to take some of ALL of you!