Friday, February 1, 2013

Harley's Construction Zone

Yes, I'm back! Blogger and I weren't talking for a while. Shortly after New Years it started misbehaving. But clearly, it decided we were friends again;)

In our house February is an eventful month so I feel the need to get caught up on maybe, say...December...and January...before we get into the craziness of February.

My nephew, Harley, turned 2 shortly after Christmas.
Yes, that's right...TWO.YEARS.OLD!
Scott and Shawna were on the ball this year. They got all their Christmas stuff taken down and cleared the house in time to have a party for Harley on the 29th!
Harley is just like his daddy in that he loves all things construction.
Maybe this has something to do with the fact that Scott is always working in the garage or around the house on some sort of project.
What little boy wouldn't love to dig in and help dad with power tools, screws, etc...?!
So a construction party was definitely a must! 
My kids decided that they needed to pull out their own construction attire from home in order to attend the party.

Let's look at some of the details of the party...

Squeezers...where else but in a dump truck?! 
The party started at 2:30 so snacks, drinks and cupcakes were offered. 

"Dirty" Cupcakes! 
In the garage a "cement pit" was placed among lots of caution tape. 
Inside the house they had a construction table made out of a huge piece of plywood. There were big fat pencils strewn about for the kids to write on the table and for adults to write messages to the birthday boy. There were also little kits for the kids to build small bulldozers etc... 
And my fave...out back...the WRECKING BALL!!
Made out of boxes wrapped in brick wrapping paper and a beach ball wrapped in a garbage sack.
The kids had so much fun with this!
They loved stacking the "bricks" over and over again and of course taking turns "wrecking" them! 
Each child was given his own tool belt and kit. 
And of course my brother had his own tool belt on, complete with all the necessities needed for being an amazing host.
(I think he even had a bottle opener in that thing!) 
Scott and Shawna are pretty new at this kid party planning thing...
I think they knocked this one out of the ballpark!

And this little guy...
Getting cuter and cuter by the month!

Happy Birthday Harley!!!
(Even if it is over a month later!)


  1. So cute! I want them to come plan my parties!!

  2. LOVE the wrecking ball--how fun! And Scott's tool belt--a bottle opener is a necessity at any party! Welcome back from your hiatus!

  3. Dude. Shawna is planning my next party. Cuz she's totally not busy or anything ;)