Thursday, May 17, 2012

Teacher Gift #1

Summer is quickly approaching!
Which's time to start thinking about Teacher Gifts.

This year Connor's teacher is retiring...yeah no pressure...her very last year.
Hmmm...still thinking about that one.

However, he also had a Student Teacher for about 1/2 the year.
She was really sweet and her last day is tomorrow.

I got this idea from Pinterest.
I modified it a little.
The one on Pinterest didn't include the bag...
It did include a magazine also though.

Here's mine...
(All purchased at Target.)

Bag: $2.50 (In the Dollar Spot)
Towel: $12.99
Chapstick with Sunscreen: $1.77
Peach Rings: $1.00
Cardstock and ribbon: From my own supply

Total: $18.26
(My budget was $20!)

Now honestly I usually don't spend this much on a Teacher Gift.
(Sorry to all my teacher friends out there!)
Usually I bake something or my Go-To is normally a bag of unpopped popcorn wrapped with a pair of movie tickets. (I guess that one is about $20 isn't it?)

Last year in pre-school Connor made Thank You notes with his fingerprint, which were accompanied by a book of stamps...

This one had Connor's name on it, but we made them all with no writing on them so she could send them to anyone.

What are you giving your children's teachers this year?
If you're a teacher, what has been the best gift you have received?
Any other ideas?

Friday, May 11, 2012

Lemonade! Lemonade!

As I mentioned in my "10 on 10" yesterday, we decided to put together a quick Lemonade Stand in front of our house. We live on a fairly busy street... :(  And I have been promising Connor for weeks that we would do one.
Yesterday afternoon, we had about an hour till it was time to get ready for Taekwondo and we were a little bored, when the idea came to me...Today is the day!!!
It seriously took us 10 minutes to make the lemonade...yes...concentrate from a can...and get all ready.
 The kids were so excited!
After Emmy saw "Coco's" sign, she wanted to make one of her own.
 I'm not sure who had more fun...the kids, or me...watching them!
They were so cute!
My daughter's hair is so out of control!
What a princess though...minus the pirate tatoo on her arm.
These kids made a little cash, had a lot of fun...and from setup to cleanup...60 minutes!
I will definitely be keeping some frozen lemonade on hand this Summer.
Here's to California Sunshine, dresses and shorts, bare feet, and lemonade!
Let Summer begin!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

10 on 10: May 2012

10 on 10.

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month!

{Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!}
I wish I could say I live a glamorous life...especially on my days off...filled with mani-pedi's, shopping, possibly a massage...
But instead, I am stuck in italic font and can't get the heck out of it!
I started out my day driving Jeff's new car, beacuse mine is in the shop!
(The exclamation is for getting to drive the new car...NOT the fact that Toyota ripped us off for over $500 to fix my sliding door on the van.)
7:30...Drop Dom off at school
8:00...Water my MIL's Mother's Day present 
 8:07...Leave to take Connor to school
 12:10...After picking up Connor from school, dropped off dinner for my friend, Lisa, and her family.
Here is their newest addition!
(Hey I'm out of italics!!!)
3:15...Impromptu Lemonade stand in front of our house.
(Connor made 7 bucks! He shared $1.25 with his sister, who helped hold the signs.)

 4:24...In the car again on our way to Taekwondo...driving. Again.
 4:55...My cutie in his sparring gear.
5:15...Driving. Again.

 5:45...Ahhh...dinner is almost ready.
 7:30...After picking up the van from the shop, we all ran by Scott and Shawna's house for a quick visit and I got to see my nephew and new little niece.
Clearly she was happy to see me too!

There it is...I did it! The 10th for Laura Schwab!
Mostly in the car... with a few highlights in between.
Thank the Lord for 4 wheels!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Easter Wrap-Up...In May

Easter is always filled with a lot of family, which has grown this year.
We started the day off with Easter baskets, church, and then brunch at my parents' house.
We couldn't have asked for better weather!

 Shawna and I had an impromptu photo shoot with Abby. *LOVE*

After going home for naptime, we were off to Jeff's sister's house for more fun...
Which included a huge egg hunt!
Lots of cousin time.
 And some rope swing fun.
(We gave Corben and Cale a rope swing for Easter. Uncle Nick went right out, trimmed a tree, and had it up in no time!)

 SCORE! All of the kids loved it!

 And of course, no Easter is complete without finishing the day up with some of your cousins' jammies on!
Happy Easter! ;)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Oh, The Things They Say!

Today while riding in the car and listening to "God Songs," Connor says to me,
"Singing really loud to God is like giving your mom a great big hug."

I couldn't have said it better myself buddy!