Thursday, May 17, 2012

Teacher Gift #1

Summer is quickly approaching!
Which's time to start thinking about Teacher Gifts.

This year Connor's teacher is retiring...yeah no pressure...her very last year.
Hmmm...still thinking about that one.

However, he also had a Student Teacher for about 1/2 the year.
She was really sweet and her last day is tomorrow.

I got this idea from Pinterest.
I modified it a little.
The one on Pinterest didn't include the bag...
It did include a magazine also though.

Here's mine...
(All purchased at Target.)

Bag: $2.50 (In the Dollar Spot)
Towel: $12.99
Chapstick with Sunscreen: $1.77
Peach Rings: $1.00
Cardstock and ribbon: From my own supply

Total: $18.26
(My budget was $20!)

Now honestly I usually don't spend this much on a Teacher Gift.
(Sorry to all my teacher friends out there!)
Usually I bake something or my Go-To is normally a bag of unpopped popcorn wrapped with a pair of movie tickets. (I guess that one is about $20 isn't it?)

Last year in pre-school Connor made Thank You notes with his fingerprint, which were accompanied by a book of stamps...

This one had Connor's name on it, but we made them all with no writing on them so she could send them to anyone.

What are you giving your children's teachers this year?
If you're a teacher, what has been the best gift you have received?
Any other ideas?


  1. You're such a good Mom! I have NO idea what I'm going to do.....

  2. Cute! Do Sunday school teacher gifts count? I baked mini cupcakes for Mase's teachers when he moved up, and gave his favorite teacher a $5 Starbucks card and a page Mason colored. Sorry for playing favorites, but he loved her and she was the only one who remembered his name, lol.

  3. Yeah... high school teachers don't really get gifts. I've gotten a few Starbucks gift cards at Christmas, which are awesome. I think the best gift for a kindergarten/elementary teacher is a Target gift card, since they have to pay so much out of pocket for school supplies. But that is WAY less cute than what you did ;)

  4. Super cute!!! Reminds me that I need to get on my teacher's gifts this weekend...hmmmm...