Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dominic: Celebrated

Dom had a hard time deciding what to do for his birthday this year.
He actually had asked if we could do the same thing as last year: a big party.
Hmmm...that was his 16th...and next year he turns 18...
Not this year buddy!
So he decided to work most of the day...WHAT?!?!
Here I had requested the day often does your birthday actually fall on a weekend...
and he decides to work!
He also decided that he wanted to eat dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner, El Charro, in Lafayette. Now we're talkin'!
Jeff's and my parents, Gram, and Scott and the kids joined us at the restaurant.
(Aunt Shawna had to work. Pooh.)

When I had asked Dom what he wanted me to make for dessert, he requested Key Lime Pie.
Oh great! Something easy!
Good thing I had the whole day off to get things done:) 
As I started thinking about how many people we might be having over to the house after dinner, I realized the pie wouldn't be cupcakes were necessary also:)
You see, Dominic wanted Game Night back at our house after dinner.
Unfortunately only Nana and Papa could come over. 
(P.S. He's not flashin' gang signs...he's trying to make the number "17"!)
With Emma Kate and Coco joining in on the fun, we opted to play Headbandz Disney.

Dad's first question of his first time ever playing this game...
"Am I part of a gang?"
What? That guy is amazing!
Let me tell you something about the 2 faces above...
They are always up for almost anything. And at very late hours of the night too!
So when it was 10:30pm and Dom suggested a movie...guess who obliged!
Jeff and the kids had gone to bed.
And I headed up at 11. Leaving Dom and my parents up to watch the movie.
I KNOW! I'm old! I couldn't hang!
Sorry Dom...I tried!
It was a busy day.
But worth every minute to make you see even the tiniest glimpse of how special you are to us.
Until next year Young Man...!


  1. I'm super impressed by that pie! Nice work!

  2. The pie looks awesome!! And Dom has great taste---mmmm...El Charro!!

  3. Your pie looked AMAZING! Happy Birthday Dom!!

  4. I love the fact that your parents stayed up. I want to be that grandparent. :)