Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Emmy's 3!

It's hard to believe it's already been a week since Emmy's birthday.
Last year I had worked on her birthday and it felt awful all day to not be with her.
So this year Jeff and I BOTH had the day off to be with her!
This year was a party year for her. *More on the party another time.*
(Usually we alternate years for the kids...1 year they get a party and no gift, the following year they get a really cool gift and a family dinner or activity.)
Ummm...I think the day got a little out of hand.
It was originally my intent to take her to Build A Bear with cousin Corbie and then have
grandparents over for dinner.
But you see about a week earlier we saw a commercial on TV for Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream.
This is when Jeff leaned over and whispered, "You should take your mom and Emma for her birthday..."
So in the morning Emma woke to a Rapunzel dress hanging in her room with a flowered "princess" headband. (No young lady can show up to Disney on Ice in anything but princess attire!
She just thought the dress was a birthday present and wanted to wear it immediately. And ALL day.
So mid-morning Ma, Aunt Becki, Jeff, Corbs, EK, and I piled in the van and went to the mall.
The kids had a blast building their bears cats.
Emmy chose a bright pink cat and a Tiana princess dress for her.
She chose the name, "Amadalla" for her kitty.
(P.S. Connor is obsessed with Star Wars and teaches Emma about all the characters!)
The best part about Amadalla is that when you squeeze her paw she plays the song "Under the Sea" from The Little Mermaid.
In my opinion, that cat is a train wreck!
But she loves her! 
Later when Emma woke from her nap, Nana arrived for our Girls' Night Out.
This is when we told her why she had found a Rapunzel Dress hanging in her room!
She was one excited little lady and insisted on Amadalla joining us.  
We started our evening at In n Out.
Emmy had to tell EVERYONE why she was wearing a "Tangled dress" and that it was her birthday.
And then we arrived at the show! 
And we celebrated everything princess.
The arena was filled with little girls in their princess dresses and light up wands!
I can't decide who I enjoyed watching more...EK or my mom watching EK.
We made "friends" with everyone around us, laughed, traded wands, jewelry, etc...
I think it was one of my most favorite Girls' Nights Out...ever!
No offense ladies;) 
The sets were so neat and Emmy got to see Rapunzel "fly" through the sky with Flynn.
OK so the night ended really late for her...and us.
And we pretty much had meltdown the whole way home until she whimpered herself to sleep.
But it was all worth it!
Not quite the day I had planned. But so much better!
And still a party to come...
Ooops. I may have gone a little overboard this year.
Shoot me!


  1. I would have cut off my right arm for a birthday like that as a girl. I'm serious. I would have. Best Mom Ever.

  2. What an awesome day!! I love the look on Emma's face in Cinderella's carriage...priceless! And I'm cracking up at the "train wreck" cat! :)

  3. We loved Disney on Ice! So fun! And I love all these pictures. Too cute.