Thursday, March 28, 2013

Birthday Wrap Up

OK, so I may be a little behind...again!
But I'm back and want to share a little of Emma Kate's actual birthday party with you...
This year she had decided she wanted her party at her gymnastics gym.
That will make life much easier!
Then she said she wanted an Ariel Party.
I really don't like to throw character parties. And.
How the heck do I combine Ariel and gymnastics?
I truly lost sleep over this one!
That's when I realized, thanks to Heidi and a few others, just give the girl what she wants and the rest will fall into place.
Ariel it is!
I found a really cute Ariel cake pan, but I love cupcakes too.
So why not have both?!?!
I asked my mom to make the cake.
(She used to make my birthday cakes just like this and I thought it would be really sweet if she made Emma's in the same fashion.)
 I did the cupcakes with Ariel wrappers and fish with "bubbles" on top.
Here is the cake...I think Ariel got Botox!
My poor mom was very hesitant when she showed me the cake.
(It's been a really really long time!)
But Emmy LOVED it! And that's all that really matters!
(And I know how much work it was, so thank you Mom!) 
And I guess I have officially started the book for every birthday tradition.
Connor now has 6 books signed by people who helped celebrate his birthdays and Emmy now has 3.
They love looking back and reading the notes from everyone on the inside covers. 
And here is the one thing I did that actually combined gymnastics and The Little Mermaid...
The Favors. 
I found these little stands at Ikea last year and used them for the center of the table... 

Now for the real fun...! 
The kids had so much fun!!!
And the adults got to sit and watch for a while.

They played so hard. And got all sweaty.
Miss Amanda (Emma's teacher for the last several months) led the activities. 
Emmy loves her some girlfriends!

After all that fun, we headed up for snacks and dessert. 
I absolutely love this last picture of my big 3-year-old!
She was one happy girl. 
Everything was almost perfect, until she pooped her pants at the end of the party.
As in leaking out.
Yeah! Fun right?!?!
That's ok, if having kids teaches us anything, it's...just roll with it!
Besides, we officially had ourselves "A Party Pooper!"

And we continue to "Make Memories..."


  1. Such a great party! So glad we were there!

  2. She looks SO happy!! Great job on the party! And, that cake rocked!

  3. Oh no! Nothing like a dose of reality to end a fun day! :P The party looked like so much fun!! And Emma looks like quite the little gymnast! :)

  4. Absolutely awesome. And I will ALWAYS remember your Mom's amazing birthday cakes! Happy Birthday, Emma K!

  5. I am FINALLY getting to comment on this! SUCH an awesome party! You did an amazing job!!!