Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Product Review: Kid Sleep Classic

See this sweet little face?!?!
Yup. That is one sweet... now... SIX YEAR OLD FACE.
A six year old face that is not so sweet when I wake up to it leaning over my own face at 4am attempting to climb into bed with me.
Once upon a time Connor was a good sleeper.
Until we transitioned him from the crib to a bed. At 3 years old.
Ever since then Connor, for the most part, has been trying to get in bed with us all night long, and if not all night...very early in the morning.
Mostly he wants to be close to me.
I know. Someday I will miss that he wants to be close to me.
But today I want to sleep!

Several months ago I found the Kid Sleep Classic Clock online. 
Originally I had seen it in the One Step Ahead catalog for 39.95 plus tax and shipping.
Then I searched online and found it on Amazon for 32.99 "out the door!"

Here's the great thing about this clock...
When the sleeping bunny on the bottom is lit, Connor knows that he needs to stay in bed.
When the bunny walking in the park is lit (which I have set for 5:45 am,) he can get up for the day.
(I have it set so early because my Connor is a SNUGGLE BUG and I do recognize that he will not always be my snuggler. I get up at 6:00 most mornings, so 5:45 gives Connor the chance to climb into bed and snuggle with me for a bit before I get up.
Can I just tell you how much this little gadget has changed my life?!?!
No more, "Mommy is it time to get up yet?" At 4am.
No more, "Mommy can I sleep with you?" At 2am.
I am telling you...there have been nights with 5 or 6. Or more. Attempts to get into bed. My bed.

I'm not gonna lie.
There is still an occasional night when I wake up smashed between Connor and Jeff, wondering
"How did this happen?"
Not knowing if he snuck in or if in my sleep I agreed to his arrival.
But for the most part, we are both sleeping more!

When I looked up reviews, they were a little mixed.
Some complained it was hard to set the times.
I had no problems while following the directions.
Imagine that! It's amazing what happens when you read the directions;)

I, myself, was a little skeptical when I opened the box.
It is really light-weight and feels a little cheap.
I remember thinking, "I spent $30 on this?"


It bought the blue clock, but it also comes in pink and green.
It can be hung on the wall or set on the dresser.

I love that long before your child can tell time, he can know if it's ok to get up.

I think it also has an alarm feature.
But why the heck would we want to use that?!?!
Praise God if he is still asleep long after the bunny "gets up!"

I never would've thought my 2 year old would be a better sleeper than my six year old.
Oh wait.
She is still in the crib.
Hopefully Connor won't need this clock anymore when Emma Kate makes the big girl bed transition! 

I hope you're getting some sleep too!


  1. Why have you been holding out on me???!!! This sounds AMAZING! I'm headed to Amazon right NOW!

  2. Does it work on five week olds?