Saturday, July 21, 2012

Western Chief at Costco?!?!

Have you purchased your kids' rain gear yet?!?!
No? I can't imagine why not when it's 90+ degrees out!

Please do not delay...
Go to Costco.
I was there on Wednesday and found Western Chief
Rain Boots/Umbrella Combos for both boys and girls.
They had camo, fireman, cow print, poka dots...
I think there were a couple other styles that I can't remember.
The boots all come with removable fleece liners too!

How much do they cost, you ask...


In case you are not familiar with Western Chief, I am pretty sure I normally buy them at Nordstrom for about $35.

Emma Kate was so excited that she had to wear them out of the store.
And immediately when she woke up the next morning!
The downfall...
They don't carry them over a size 13/1.
Which means Connor is out:(

So get out there NOW, don't wait!
If there's one thing I've learned about Costco...
act right away because chances are they will be gone soon!


  1. Do you know how often Ella would get to use that here in AZ? Um, NEVER. But, OMG is Emma cute in hers!

  2. I'll have to check our Costco! I had no idea these things existed.