Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Someone Has a Job

Remember yesterday I mentioned that the kids went on another adventure for Connor's birthday?
Well they all (meaning my MIL, kids, SIL, nephews, and Jeff) went to visit Dominic on his first day of work!
At...Krispy Kreme!
Yup. I am old enough to have a child...who works.
(Not sure how I feel about all of that!)
I was also still at work and was unable to meet everyone there:(

This is what I found sitting on the couch when I got home though;) 
(And you can probably guess what was sitting on my kitchen counter.)
 All evening Jeff kept telling me I should go visit too. That it was really fun to see him working.
Words cannot express how tired I was, but after a catnap while putting Connor to bed, I got a second wind.
I couldn't resist.
I parked right outside the doughnut shop with my camera ready.
Stalker Mom!
I sat out there for quite a while...like 20 min...debating on whether or not to go in.
I didn't want to embarrass him.
I was just the creepy lady taking pictures from my car!
Finally when there was a break in the crowd, I went for the kill!
(Who would've thought that a doughnut shop wound be so busy at 9:30 at night?!?!)

He smiled when he saw me and asked,
"Would you like anything?"
For a second I envisioned clearing out at least one of each flavor from the case, and then remembered
my endless weightloss efforts...and the 1 1/2 I had devoured earlier at home:)
"No thanks. I just wanted to stop and say, 'Hi.'"
"Ummm...would it embarrass you if I took a picture?" (Sheepishly.)

He said I could!!!!!!!
And in case you're wondering, the guy smelled like a funnel cake when he got home!

I'm not sure which is worse...the fact that he "gets" to bring home 3 free doughnuts per shift
or that lots of doughnut-smelling laundry is in my future!

As for now, I'll just enjoy a great  Proud Momma Moment.
Delight in how fun it is that his first day was on Connor's birthday.
And think back to my own very first job at Stars Music & Video:)

What was your first job?!


  1. I CAN'T believe Dom is working!!! Wasn't he just 3 a few moments ago??? So exciting... MMMMmmmm 3 free doughnuts??? I'm jealous!

  2. I'm so proud of him! What a fun first job. Mine was at CoCo's, and I came home smelling like pie. And yes, I remember Stars Music and Video... ah, the olden days of CDs!

  3. On the way to the BBQ Sunday we drove by and I told Matt that Dom just got a job there. He grinned and asked if he was working right then, you know, so we could stop by and show our support, lol.

  4. Yay Dom!! I need to plan a trip so I can visit him at work! Oh and I remember your days at Stars Music and Video! I'm pretty sure I shopped for cassette tapes there! :)