Sunday, July 1, 2012

What? What?

A couple Saturday's ago as I was leaving for work Dominic asked me for some money so he could go get a haircut.

 As I drove away I thought, "Wow! That's awesome he wants to get a trim without my begging!"

Before I move on with my story, lets just take a moment to reflect on the past few years and the transformations Dominic's hair has taken...

Summer 2009

December 2010 

August 2011

June 2012

P.S. The last time Dominic REALLY had a haircut was in December of 2007.

Back to that Saturday...I came home from work that day to find...


I was in shock! I could see his handsome face again!
(Though his recent hair cuts were pretty nice.)

Let me tell you, over the past few years I tried everything.
I started by begging him to cut it.
Then I tried reverse case it was a rebellion thing, telling him his hair was growing on me. Pardon the punn!
Finally I surrendered, realizing we all do things when we're teenagers that help us identify who we are. This was one of Dominic's "things."
I decided that as long as he was getting good grades and not getting into any...well, major...trouble...
this was the least of my worries.

And as I let go more and more...
the hair got shorter and shorter.

That Saturday when I came home from work I asked him why he did it.
To which he replied with a shrug of his shoulders, "I'm just feeling...older. I've been planning it for a while."

It's strange...there is a part of me who misses it.
Who would have thought?!?!
We all came to identify Dominic as "the one with the big hair."
He was my boy who was going through...
a very long.

And now...
Well he's a handsome young man who is very quickly growing up!

He's a LOT harder to find in a crowd!