Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fourth of July

The Fourth was a pretty low key day for us this year, in that we didn't entertain...for the 2nd year in a row. I am always so conflicted over the 4th because I love to have me a good 4th of July Party, but...
they are so much work!
So we opted for my In Laws' Neighborhood Parade and Party again.
And I am so glad we did!
We had decorated the kids' bikes...
And had some fun with accessories...
My favorite pic of Emmers...
 There was a bike decorating contest, a parade behind a fire truck around the block, followed by a party in the park with lots of games and lunch.
Even the dogs got in on the action!
Connor and Cale participated in a race where the kids had to run to the other end of the field, put on a big white t-shirt and race back to the finish line. (They LOVED it...but are learning the hard lesson of defeat.) Papa and Dom participated in the Sack Race again this year. (I think this may have become an annual event.)
Emma Kate got to do a basketball "contest" with a mini beach ball.
Ahhh! Visions of at least one of my children playing basketball!
As 2 out of 3 of our kids began falling apart, we decided to end the fun and head home for nap.
Later, after making Tacos for dinner at home...I "American"!...
We met the Heiden Clan for fireworks.
  It was so cold! But worth it! This was the first year Connor wasn't afraid:)
And EK kept saying, "Boom! Boom!"
(She isn't quite as cautious as my "Coco.")
 And Dom got to try out his glasses from earlier in the day:)
I LOVE that he likes to still hang with us, instead of friends, on The Fourth.
I also love that we got to spend the day with all of our immediate family.
Until next year...!


  1. I love the parade! I totally want to start one on our street next year. The 4th is awesome. :)