Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy 6th Connor!

6 Years ago today this little man came into our lives!

It's so hard to believe the toddler years are over, Pre-School and Kindergarten have come and gone...
and here we are...6 years old!

This year I was kind of hoping that we could avoid a big birthday party, so we gave Connor some choices.
He got to choose either a special family trip or a birthday party.
A special family trip.
Meaning a trip on Amtrak to the Sacramento State Railroad Museum.
What do you think he chose?
Yup. Taking the train to the railroad museum.

He did ask if he could have a family dinner though.
With a theme.
Hmmm...starting to sound like a party.
I think I got suckered into a family "party" after all!
We took a trip to the party store so he could choose some plates and napkins...
He originally wanted a Lego Star Wars themed "dinner."
But then he saw these...

He has never seen the movie, but was so excited that he changed his mind from Star Wars to Pirates.
(P.S. I really don't like character themes, but seeing as how it was only going to be a "dinner" and he is 6 after all...I gave in.)
He also said he wanted a cake, instead of cupcakes.
Visions of super cute and delicious pirate cupcakes were quickly being washed away.
After showing him the really cool pirate cupcake wrappers, and his still insisting on a cake...
I gave in to that too.

This is what we created... 
 In preparing to make the cake, I found some of that Wilton's frosting spray they have out now.
It looks like spray paint and so cool!
I picked it up in black and thought we could make the cake look "dirty."
When I mentioned this to Connor, his response was,
"I don't want a dirty cake!"
Oh boy.
Instead "we" decided to make it look like the wood of a pirate ship.
With a little creativity we were both happy!
He thinks it looks like wood.
I think it looks dirty.

Emma Kate and Libby enjoyed the cake too;)

Connor was so happy to have his favorite buddy, Cousin Cale, over to help celebrate.

   After dinner and cake, there were some presents.
Apparantly present opening got too intense, causing Dad to get a little crazy with the kids!
This year was the year for Legos.
And Star Wars.
And Star Wars Legos!

Today my MIL had the kids all day and had planned some special outings for Connor for his birthday, so she had given him...

They went to Toys R Us together and guessed it...
Star Wars Legos!
They also had another fun adventure...more on that later.

I can't help it smile when I look at this little face.
(Even if the 1 front tooth he has left is barely hanging on by a thread and is driving me crazy!)

Happy Birthday Coco!
We love you so much.


  1. Such sweet photos. That cake reminds me of YOUR birthday parties around the same age :) Happy Birthday, Connor!

  2. I cannot BELIEVE Connor is 6. What the??? Happy birthday!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Connor! How time flies!!