Friday, August 17, 2012

Making Memories: San Luis Obispo Edition

Last week was actually our FOURTH Summer vacation!
I know! That's a lot!
In May we took the boys to Disneyland. (More on that another time.)
In June we went to Pinecrest for a few days.
And we headed to Big Sur in July. (More on that later too!)
It seems like a lot but each trip has been for a maximum of four days.
We've tried some new things and new places!
We originally only had one weekend trip planned for our August week off.
But other things developed...We were super excited that Dominic was able to get the whole week off of work to spend with us, so we wanted to make it fun.

We opened the week with an impromptu trip down to the San Luis Obispo area to spend a couple days with Jeff's aunt and uncle.
We spent Sunday adventuring down that way, stopping along the way at a few places of which we've always thought looked interesting in the past, but were always on our way to somewhere else.
One stop was San Juan Bautista. This is a small town which consists of a mission, some very old buildings, lots of antiques, and cream!
Have you ever had Lappert's Ice Cream?!?!
There's a Lappert's in Kauai that we LOVE!
I chose the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut as yes, one of my TWO flavors, in honor of our last Lappert's experience.

 We found a special antique treasure I have been searching for for a while!
And we walked around the mission too.
The kids were AWESOME!
Actually I was mostly worried about Dom on this stop.
(Connor loves antique shopping and Emma Kate pretty much goes for anything.)
But Dominic, my coin collector, found some treasures too!
We eventually made it down to our destination and had some really nice family time with not only Jeff's aunt and uncle, but with one of his cousins and his family as well.

Monday we took off to Avila Beach, stopping along the way to show Dom the Cal Poly campus.
(Weird huh? Starting to check out some colleges!)
Anyway, if you ever get the chance, check out Avila Beach.
It is beautful!
The weather was gorgeous too!

 It seriously felt like we were in San Diego.
(I have to admit that I was a little bummed we couldn't make it down there this year.)

 But Avila was just fine for everyone!

 Even J was a good sport; he's not really a huge fan of sand.
And sandy kids!

I am sad to report that I didn't get any other pics of our trip, after the beach.
We spent the rest of the day at Jeff's cousin's house swimming with all the kids.
And headed home on Tuesday.
Other than the fact that we got NO sleep, we had such a great time reconnecting with family and
"Making memories" of our own.

Since Pincerest in June, "Making Memories" has become our vacation motto this Summer.
Any time something has gone wrong, or when Emma Kate is waking up for the 10th time during the night, there's nothing we can do, but lean into each other and whisper,
"We're making memories."


  1. So cute. You ARE making memories! Love the pics!

  2. I LOVE San Luis!!! One of my favorite burger/chicken sandwich places is there....Firestones. YUM! My younger sister went to Cal Poly and we loved visiting her. We didn't do any vacations this summer, since I was pregnant...I will have to make up for it next summer!

  3. Yeah... guess how many vacations I went on this summer? You're making memories for me, too! ;)

  4. Love it!! Emma Kate is super tall! And we say the same thing about making memories--especially at the really "fun" times! :)