Monday, August 20, 2012

Now Interrupting...

Now interrupting "Making Memories Week" to bring you a beautiful wedding at High Sierra Iris Ranch in Camino, CA this past weekend.
Jeff's cousin, K, got married Saturday night and we left the kids with my parents so that we could have sort of a Date Night. (Hey you gotta take any opportunity possible right?!?!)
If you're familiar with Apple Hill...that's where High Sierra is located.
The grounds were beautiful!

Here's where the ceremony took place...
There was a huge pond down below, surrounded by small areas of seating for the Cocktail Hour. 
I could tell K is a Pinterest Girl! 
LOVE her sign-in area!
(If you look closely, you can see the pond in the background.)
The speeches were done at the base of the steps where the bridal party came down during the ceremony. 
K and her new hubby work for the Forest Service and the details of the wedding
were perfect in reflecting their personalities. 
 (All of the wood was collected and cut from her dad's property.)
The ring bearer and flower girl were precious! 

I LOVE watching the kids at weddings, as long as they aren't mine!
Jeff and I joked that if we would've brought the kids, we probably would have turned around to find Connor swimming in the pond at some point;)

Instead we were able to hang out, let loose and be a little silly with the family! 
Beck and I got some dancing in and
J and I took
a quick self-portait before heading home for the night...
 It was almost a 2 hour drive home, but we got to save some money on a hotel, sleep in our own bed, and we still didn't have the kids until the morning!
On the way home we also had fireworks!
(Both figuratively and literally!)


  1. Date night and fireworks... heavenly! Love the cake!

  2. Fireworks! Love it! Love the grounds, so so pretty!

  3. Um, you TOTALLY could have stayed at Casa Knifton! Apple Hill is amazing. I can't wait to go in the fall.