Saturday, August 18, 2012

Making Memories: Birthday Edition

This year for Connor's 6th Birthday he decided to go on a family day trip instead of having a birthday party. In case you don't know, my CoCo has inherited his dad's love for trains!
He has already ridden many different railroads with his dad.
He has also been to the Sacramento Railroad Museum a handful of times.
But he has never ridden Amtrak.
So for his family day trip he decided he wanted to ride Amtrak to Old Sacramento to the Railroad Museum.
And we decided a day trip on our week off would be the perfect time to do it.

Normally Dominic would have nothing to do with a trip like this.
But seeing as how it was in honor of Connor's birthday, he joined us too!

Connor also wanted to go to my aunt's deli for lunch, The Sandwich Spot, up in Sac.
This meant we needed a car too.
So Dom, Emma Kate, and I took Connor and Jeff to the Amtrak station and then drove up separately.

Connor was one excited little man!
He got to see the conductor and the baggage car... 
 Amtrak even gave out little activity bags for the ride.
 We bought One-Way-Tickets for them so that we could all drive back together.
And save a little money too;)
Once we got to Sacramento it seriously took us only about an hour to go through the museum.
They have a lot of statue people set up in the train exhibits, which Connor will not go anywhere near.
He is so scared of stuff like that.
So we took a quick look around, saw the engine that Daddy drove a long time ago, and headed upstairs, where they have all of their Thomas train layouts set up for the kids to play with, along with all of their model trains on display.
We spent a majority of our visit up there!

It wasn't long before he was ready to go.
We stopped by The Sandwich Spot, had lunch with my aunt, and were home by 3!

I was worried that Connor would be disappointed that we didn't all take the train together or that he didn't get to go round-trip.
But that boy is still talking about it.
He LOVED every minute!

He's already talking about his 7th birthday...


  1. A train party-- of course! Jeff must love it ;)

  2. So many cute train party ideas out there! I'm glad Connor had a good time, I wish we could have met up with you guys!