Friday, September 30, 2011

How To Make Play Makeup

One thing I love about the "Blog World" is that there are so many great ideas out there.
So many that I NEVER would've thought of on my own!
For example, I was over here and learned a very clever way to make play makeup for Emma Kate. 
She is always trying to put on my makeup and I know it's only going to get worse.

So here you go...
Go to The Dollar Tree, or whatever dollar store you have near you, and pick up a variety of makeup compacts, as well as some different colors of nail polish. (Or use some of your old makeup compacts and polishes you don't use anymore.)

Use a knife to dig out the makeup from the compact, wash, and then dry.
(If you're like me...resist the temptation to actually keep and use the makeup yourself. As I was doing this, I thought, "This color is actually kinda pretty...")

Then pour your polishes into the compacts.

Let dry for 2-3 days. If it's not as thick as you'd like, repeat the process.

And there you have it, replace the applicators, get some makeup sponges, and have some fun!

I also thought this could make a really cute birthday present for a sweet little girl in your life.
Fill a cute little makeup bag and wrap it up:)