Friday, September 2, 2011


Remember my post about being excited that the school year had begun?
Not so much anymore.
Just when I was feeling overwhelmed with the new schedule,
Dom starting Cross Country,
Connor continuing Taekwondo,
Emma Kate-Cast,
Emma Kate in the car,
Emma Kate out of the car...
Last night as I lie in bed desperately trying to go to sleep at 11pm, my mind whirling about how I needed to be up at 5 in order to get everyone where they needed to go and myself at work by 8:30...
When I heard a sudden bang and sobbing coming from downstairs.
Jeff and I jumped up and ran down to find Dominic lieing down holding his ankle and sobbing uncontollably.

I tried not to overreact, gave him some ice, told him the rest of his homework could wait, and got him to bed with his foot elevated.
I felt really guilty as I went back to bed, my face hot with anger. Really?!?! I should've been feeling worry and concern...but  I was actually angry that this happened.

This picture was taken this morning. I know he's smiling and looks very happy that he doesn't have to go to school today. Really I had to threaten him with his life to get a smile out of him! 

I write this lightheartedly, but in truth my heart is heavy. I am fighting back tears right now thinking about how Dominic can't run this season, about how often I have him walk home from school to make life easier, about how I've been to Kaiser 3 times in the past 5 days and can't, for the life of me, get some time off work today to get Dom in to be checked out. (Hopefully Jeff can get off early this evening.) I feel so overwhelmed and pray that this will pass quickly.


  1. It will all pass. Soon. You won't even remember this time by Halloween, and you schedule will be in full swing. You're doing a great job lady!

  2. Aww, deep breaths and lots of hugs! It always seems that when it rains it pours...but it will get better soon! :)

  3. Oh Laura! I'm so sorry... it WILL all pass quickly!