Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ditching 6th Period

It's pretty sad when you have to use Back to School Night as your Date Night!
Tonight Jeff and I went to Dominic's high school for Back to School Night. Dominic always loves this night because we go, analyze his teachers, and upon picking him up from Youth Group, give him the "run-down" on what we think in the car. Jeff and I always make lots of jokes and we all laugh really hard.

I, on the other hand, "struggle" with this night for a few reasons...
1. His high school is our former high school's rival and being that Jeff and I both participated in school sports, just seeing the purple color around campus makes us shudder:)

2. I feel OLD!

3. I realize how little it is that Jeff and I get out together and it has come to the fact that we can almost call Back to School Night..."Date Night!"

Dominic is now a Sophmore. WOW! He is also taking 4, yes I said it...FOUR AP classes!
Shoot me now!

So I was very anxious to see what these classes are going to be like and get a feel (from my own perspective, rather than Dom's) of what the teachers are all about.

1st through 4th periods went pretty much as expected.
The bell rang for us to head to 5th period.
After searching for the classroom, feeling like a Freshman on her 1st day of school holding hands with her boyfriend (yup...we held hands!) we arrived to find a few parents standing outside a dark, locked up classroom. I'm back in college..."Do we stay? Will the instructor arrive shortly? If we leave, will we get marked absent?" 
After about 30 seconds of deliberation, we walked away. Just as I was thinking, "Thank the Lord I have time to use the bathroom," Jeff said to me,
 "Let's ditch 6th period and go get dessert before we have to pick up Dom!" 

Needless to say, dessert won when faced with the choice of that or AP Environmental Science.

So there you have it folks...while our son is embarking on a huge, intellectual year of growth and critical thinking...his parents are ditching class!

I swear we talked about him the whole time...
And we did get a little "Date" time in as well.

Nonetheless we are so proud of this young man.
(August 2011 School Picture)


  1. Look at him! So Mature! Fun! Date Night. And Lor, you have a SOPHOMORE in High School. You ARE old!

  2. Love the Date Night!! And LOVE that you ditched 6th period!! :)

    Here come the Falcons...listen to our song...

    GO FALCONS!! Love me some purple and silver and glad you've finally decided to join me!! :) ha ha!