Monday, September 12, 2011

Tegan's Wedding: Day 2

Friday morning I got the kids off to their designated locations, picked up Heidi, and we headed off to Tegan's house.

There were a few projects awaiting...

Mmmm...the makings of Sangria!

Backdrop for a picture booth. (I don't remember seeing this at the wedding...maybe too much Sangria.)

Place card holder in progress. Hope they're all there;)

Lindsey perfecting her bouquet-making skills.

After all the work for the day was over, we headed over to the golf course for the rehearsal and were greeted by the most amazing sunset.

Which made for some really nice pictures.

The "backdrop" for the ceremony was beautiful!

A couple run-through's and we were "ready."

So was this little man! You can't see it very well on the computer, but he has a golf ball on that ring pillow.
I cannot tell you how sweet this little boy was the whole weekend. With all the craziness going on, he handled everything so well.

Woohoo! Ready for Wedding Day!


  1. Mason definitely stole the show...

  2. You're totally right, Mason was amazing! And I love all the sunset pics. And Kirbyface... The one in front of the stove isn't that bad!!! ;)

  3. Oh, my face in that first picture... lol!

    So much fun. I would relive that weekend all over. Maybe. :)