Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day of School 2011

Tuesday Dominic started his Sophmore year and Connor started Kindergarten! Yup! That means 2of the 3 are in school!
The annual pictures by the tree...

Connor was all set with his new shoes

and new backpack...

Ready to go!

Meeting some new friends...

Oh wait...this guy isn't "new"!..

After dropping the boys off, Jeff and I thought it would be nice to go to breakfast...of course with Emma Kate. As we sat down at Jack's in Pleasant Hill, she started to scream. (She pulled this stunt on us this past weekend at dinner also.) Jeff took her out while I ordered. When he brought her back in and attempted to sit down she started to scream and cry again! Ahhh! "Take her out. Quick take her out!" I said. I sat there debating what to do...think fast...think fast.
Then I made the decision that it just wasn't worth it. These poor people around us were just trying to have a nice quiet meal. (Besides that, there was a table of men right next to us, one of which was from church. The last thing I need is talk going around about how we can't control our daughter at a restaurant! Not that it would...but let's air on the side of caution in a situation like this!)
So I quickly found our server and swallowed back tears as I asked him to cancel our order.
Why does something as simple, and as enjoyable, as having breakfast out, have to be so difficult sometimes?!?!

So we headed home for breakfast...and more coffee:(

After a quick trip to the doctor for follow-up xrays on Emma's arm, we headed back to pick up Connor. 

He had a really good morning. He said his favorite part was recess! Surpise! Surprise!

Dominic came home saying that he had a really good day also.
Yeah! I love the beginning of the school year.
New beginnings.
New schedules.


  1. Connor looks so big next to the other kids!! Going out to eat with kids is so tough! I feel for ya lady!

  2. So exciting :) Can't wait to hear about Dom's adventures. Sophomore year is my favorite!