Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Meet Nachum

All Summer Dominic has been rehearsing for his role in Fiddler On the Roof, the role of Nachum, the beggar. He had more fun with this role than he has ever had with any other role...and boy was he good!

Meet Nachum!
Oh my gosh, just standing next to him was awkward! It didn't look like him at all!
Many friends and family members came to see the show, which was performed a total of 8 times over 2 weekends.

But none were as proud as Mom

and Dad...

I knew when Dominic was 2 years old when he stood up on my step (for step aerobics) in our family room with a remote control as his microphone, to recite Mary Poppins from beginning to end, that he was destined for the stage!

Nachum, you were so good! And you make us so proud!

We love you! And you too Dom;)