Friday, July 29, 2011

How To Get Away...

How to get away for 24 hours with your girlfriends...
Plan way in advance...when you and your friends all have families, scheduling time away overnight can be quite a challenge!
Decide on a destination and use a website, such as Trip Advisor to find a place to stay.
Preferably with a great pool, poolside service, and live music;)
Take advantage of as many photo ops as possible.
Bring lots of goodies.
Find a great place to have dinner out, ie. Breakaway Cafe in Sonoma, CA.
Take advantage of the specials, such as $5 Margarita and Fish Taco Fridays. Yum!
Listen to music and jump on the beds...afterall, it is girl time...and there are no children around. When's the last time you really jumped on the bed?!?!
Bring a really fantastic dessert to share, like Pineapple Coconut Strawberry Shortcake.
Stay up late into the night.
Girl Talk.
Oh, and Tropical Jelly Belly's. *sigh*
Find a great Cafe for coffee and pastries the next're going to need that coffee!
(Or if you're like my friend, Heidi, you may prefer a coke from the local 7-11!)
Plan early in the day and grab the best poolside spot to spend the day. This cabana was awesome! We all could fit in it! (Too bad most of us thought it was shaded enough to not use sunscreen. Don't get burned!)
Bring a big fun beachy hat!
Save some money and make your own Pina Coladas.
Mmmm...more yummies!
Pool time complete with a hand-stand! What the heck...get your hair wet!
Most what YOU want to do. As moms, we so often are "doing" for someone else.
And lastly...hope that when you arrive home, you find your hubby doing something really special for you with your kids.
Like washing your car. Love this.

Now start your planning!


  1. So fun!! Glad you got to get away... It's so important!

  2. Fun! So jealous of your Girls trip! I'm ready to go!!!

  3. This morning... with Mason... that was the last time I jumped on the bed, lol. Actually, it was more of a WWF style smack down.

    Looks like such a nice day away! Let's go. :)