Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's a Beach Party!

OK, so maybe not quite a Beach Party...but as close to it as we can get without leaving the house!
Setup: Beach balls. Lots and lots of beach balls. Everywhere.
"Goody bags:" Sand buckets, shovel, splash ball, sand mold, gold fish, and Swedish fish.
Note: Our house consists of mostly house...not much yard. This is a constant problem for us when entertaining, so we have to make the most out of every square foot of our yard...and boy did we for this party.
As many pools as we could fit in the backyard, complete with a clothesline for towels and wet stuff...
Side "yard": Sand play
Beach cupcakes
Connor's Birthday Book
Front driveway...oh yeah! Bounce House!
Enjoyed by ALL... parents and children!
We borrowed a friend's ping pong table for the garage. (This went great...until it was dropped while unloading it back at their house:( So sad. And embarrassing. Jeff is figuring out how to fix it.)
We left the big garage door open, the door into the house, and the back door open, so everything felt really open. (And kids could go wherever they wanted.)
The kids had fun both on "land"
and "sea."
Some watched.
And some dove right in!
We kept the food simple with hot dogs, mac salad and watermelon. Topped off with the cupcakes(made by my MIL.) Yum!
Connor and his"Girlfriend."
The party finished up with a little cuddle time...
Overall, I think we all had a really fun time. And a really great night's sleep!
OK, really...that's the last of the birthday posts!

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  1. Love all the pools!! And the clothesline! Such a great idea!! Wish we could have made it. Happy Birthday Connor!!!