Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Connor's 5!

Well, Buddy, you finally made it! You're 5!
Here's how we spent the day...
Daddy had to work and I was very consumed with getting ready for your party the next day, but we still managed to have some fun!
The day started with your choice of breakfast on the "You are special today" plate. Yes, you like ketchup all over your egg breakfast;)
We had a low key morning but finally headed out after lunch. We had a birthday coupon from Barnes & Noble for a free picked Carrot cake. Yum. We also picked out a birthday book for you. (Every year we buy a book that goes along with the theme of your party. We use it as a sort of a guest book to remember who shared the day with us.)
Then we headed up with some family to Tilden Park for a train ride, in true Connor birthday fashion!
Before heading home Dominic wanted to go to Target. We went to the Lego isle and he let you pick out a Lego set for your gift from him. So. Sweet!
We told you you could pick anywhere you wanted to go for your special birthday dinner. You chose McDonald's. It felt very strange being at McDonald's for a birthday dinner! But that's what you wanted!
And they had a Play Space, which I normally don't let you guys play on. (I have sort of a phobia of these types of things. Yuck!) But it was your birthday...and you really wanted to play. Who am I to deprive a 5 year old of some extra fun on his birthday?!?! (We did use lots of antibacterial wipes afterward!)
Emma Kate has recently discovered ketchup. She really enjoyed herself as well!
The rest of the day was spent blowing up these beach balls for your "Beach Party." They literally were all over the house!
Honey, I hope you had a fun day! It is so hard to get ready for a big party and still make sure we have fun on your actual birthday. I love you so much and can't believe you're 5 already!


  1. I LOVE the "you are special today" red plate--always a coveted item in our house!

  2. Dude. Mcdonald's+Birthday= Awesome. I ALWAYS start my Birthday with breakfast from Mickey-d's. Cute pic of all three kids.