Friday, July 1, 2011

Drive Me to Soccer

Dominic has been begging me for several weeks now to get him signed up for Driver's Ed. Back in the day, we actually had to go to a class for 8 hours a day for 5's all done online.

It supposedly takes about 30 hours and Dominic is set on getting his permit on his 1/2 birthday...August 9th. This sets him in line for 6 months later to get his license on his birthday.

As if I couldn't get the kid off the computer forget it!

It is fun to see him so excited about it.

Meanwhile...Connor is all geared up and ready to start soccer today! He is very excited to sport his shin guards....maybe we should get him full safety gear for when we go out driving with Dom ;)

Yes, I know...way past due for a haircut! (Both of them!)


  1. Dom is going to be a great driver! I can't believe I just said that.... but he is!

  2. Dominic...Driving....where does the time go??

  3. What the? You can take classes online to get your permit???

  4. Do you still have the black jeep to give Dom?

  5. Every time I read your blog and there is a picture of Dom I freak out a little. Do you realize he is almost the age we were when we drove to Santa Barbara (or the age we were that night at the church... just saying. Scary.)