Monday, July 18, 2011

4th of July: Heiden Style

Is it too late to do my 4th of July posts?!?! Oh well...if you have been following for a while, you know I am notorious for putting off my posts for a bit sometimes ;)

Our 4th festivities started on the 3rd with my side of the family...we usually don't split the 4th up like this, but it just so happened this way this year. I had a cousin in from out of town who wanted to see everyone. So we went to a BBQ at my parents' house, followed by an evening at The Singing Flag (an annual outdoor program followed by fireworks in a nearby city.) It really is a wonderful's put on by a local Christian church, so it is a great way to praise God for our freedom.

I was asked to bring dessert to my parents' house. So I did some cupcake experimentation. I made them with a white cake mix, in which I separated and colored with food that when you bit into them you would have three, white & blue. When all was said and done, I bit into one and my cupcake looked more like it belonged at a baby shower for a mom who didn't know if she was having a boy or a, white & light blue! Good thing I didn't feel the need to impress! Then I experimented with the tops...some flags and some fireworks...nonetheless, they were fun.

My aunt and uncle...

Dom and Gram being silly...that lady cracks me up!

Mom and Dad.

Aunt Shawna...

My kids can't get enough of their Uncle Scott...

Dom hangin' with Papa...

And my sweet Baby Harley...

The only yucky thing about the day was that toward the end of the very late night in which we kept the kids out, Connor started a very strange, dry cough...hmmm...tired or coming down with something?


  1. Is Connor okay now??

    Your 4th sounds fun!!! All the kids are getting so big!

  2. Harley looks just like his beautiful Momma! Great pics :)