Saturday, July 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Connor!

Dear Connor,
5 Years ago today, after a long night...and day of labor, on the hottest day of the year, you entered our lives! I had been having some false labor for a couple of days. I was due on July 21st, which was a Friday. My last day of work was exactly 1 week prior to this. We celebrated with Skipolini's Prego Pizza and then went to see one of the Pirates of the Carribean movies, in which I had horrible indigestion and barely made it through. It was the longest movie of my life! I spent a week of crazy nesting and preparing after that. Finally on Saturday afternoon (the 22nd) we went for a walk at a dog park along the water. Let's just say that it's a pretty darn good workout for a 40+ week pregnant woman! Afterward we met Bunga and Papa at Chevy's for dinner. At this point I was having some regular 9:00 that evening as I was lying in bed watching Erin Brokovich on TV, I realized that this was the real thing...we were going to have our Connor! All night long every 15 minutes I was reminded that you were on your way. The next morning after waking and realizing that my water was leaking, we called in to the hospital for the invite to come on in. We got things around the house wrapped up, Daddy went with Dominic to get donuts, and then we headed out, stopping first to drop Dominic and Libby off at Bunga and Papa's house.
We got to the hospital about 9:30 am on Sunday morning. I labored a LONG time without any drugs...but thanks to a voice of reason (Heidi!) I called for some relief...and oh my goodness! What relief it was! I think this was about 3 in the afternoon. Nana, Papa, Dominic, Bunga, Papa, Rose, and Heidi were all there to support us through the day. Finally after some pushing and much awaiting, you arrived at 5:19 pm weighing in at 9 lbs, 14oz and 19 1/2 inches long! Bald and full of chub! Dominic got to give you your first bath there in the hospital as he inspected his new little brother.
I cannot tell you what joy you have brought to our world! You are full of such an infectious energy I cannot even begin to explain. Since you were little you have had an amazingly high pain tolerance level, which is probably a good are always falling off of something, or down something! You are willing to try almost anything...whether it be a new food or a new activity. You don't however, like Halloween decorations. And it always takes you a while to get used to Christmas decorations, considering they come immediately after Halloween these days. You are afraid of the top level of the are afraid you are going to fall through to the bottom somehow. You aren't afraid of anyone however. You will talk to anyone who is willing to listen...and will take hold of their hand as you do so. We have had many a talk about how dangerous this is and how we need to be more cautious. (It's so sad to me that we need to have these types of conversations.) You love with your whole heart and body and you give the best hugs of anyone I have ever met!
Another thing you love is...well...trains! You have adapted your daddy's love for trains...hmmm nature or nurture?!?! Probably both. Nonetheless you and Daddy are always looking at them, riding them, or reading about them. You know many technical parts and can look at a steam engine and tell me what kind it is.
So it was only fitting that your 1st birthday be a train party. Here you are on that fun, fun day having cake and ice cream for the first time...
(Those blue eyes of yours are so crystal clear!)
2 Years Old:
And 3...
Last year at Number 4...
There's somethin' about a momma and her boys...a relationship like no other. Connor, I still remember the day I found out I was pregnant with you and the disbelief that God not only blessed me with one child, but now 2. I remember the feeling of heavy responsibility on my shoulders to, alongside your daddy, raise you to be a wonderful and amazing man someday. And even though I cannot protect you from all the hurt that life can bring (though I would take it all in an instant) I can love you and always always be there for you even when you don't want me to be...and when you do.
Thank you for coming into my life and reminding me that I so still have a silly side...
And boy do you bring it out in me:)
I love the time we spend reading stories, playing trains...yes I do play trains, and baking. And I even love that you come out at bedtime several times every night because you miss Mommy. (Though I would never admit this to you at the time!)
I love seeing you change year after year and look forward to seeing what the Lord has planned for you.

I love you Connor, Bugs, My Buddy!
Happy 5th Birthday!


  1. So cute!!! Happy Birthday Connor!!! Hope you had a fabulous birthday and party!

  2. Awwww! Love all those pics! I remember that day like it was yesterday!