Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tooth Fairy Time

Last night Connor decided it was time to take his loose tooth out. So he pushed and he pulled until finally it was only hanging by a thread...and the cleaner came in (that's me!) to take care of business!

One little tug and out it came!

He called everyone (including Daddy who was at a friend's house) to share the news as he inspected the new gap in his mouth.

Amidst all of this, we noticed the one next door is loose too...the Tooth Fairy needs to start saving her money:)

After things settled down, Connor and I began our evening prayers. Connor in excitement, with hands folded and eyes closed, said, "I am growing up!" It was so precious. Oh how I wanted to tell him not to be too excited about growing up!

And the next morning...yup! The Tooth Fairy had come!


  1. Yay Connor!!! Such a big boy already!! Sniff,sniff... :)

  2. Oh, Connor! Quit being so cute and growing up so fast!!

  3. $2!! Your tooth fairy is Rich! :) So cute!