Friday, June 10, 2011

Wrapping Up: Connor

Wow! It seems like just yesterday that we were starting another school year...and here we are at the end of it already. There are times that I just wish I could stop the hands on the clock and keep these little guys from growing so fast. Connor just finished up his last year of pre-school. We had as huge "Family Fun Night" in which the children sung for all their families. There were games, a bounce house, and a picnic on the lawn. Yeah picnics!!!

The school where Connor will be going to Kindergarten was having Open House the same evening. This was Connor's only opportunity to see his new school before starting in the Fall, so immediately after Family Fun Night, we headed out to check it out. He is so excited about starting Kindergarten...especially now that he's seen where he'll be going.

Dominic enjoyed going with us also...this is his old school, so after seeing the Kindergarten classrooms, we walked around to see some of his previous teachers. The only bummer thing about the evening was that Jeff was working and didn't get to join us.

Last week marked Connor's last day of pre-school. Again...I didn't feel very emotional about it. Until I started walking out of the room after dropping him off. As I said good-bye to the teachers, my eyes began welling up with this strange watery substance! "What is happening to me?" I thought! It wasn't too bad, considering that he is attending the pre-school's summer camp for most of June. So it doesn't feel much different yet.

My buddy has changed this past school year. He looks so little in the first picture!

September 2010

June 2011

And the gifts we made for his teachers...

I got this idea for his teachers from Mel over at The Larson Lingo. I have to admit...I am not very good at coming up with my own good ideas...but I am very good at copying others'.

His teachers loved them!

(We had a few extras, so Dominic took some, not so frilly ones, to a few of his favorite teachers as well. Let me tell the high school level...those ladies were surprised. And very grateful!)

Woo hoo! Summer Fun...Here we come!


  1. Connor is growing so big, so fast!

  2. That's awesome that Dom brought some to his teachers too. :) Connor IS getting so big!