Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wrapping Up: Dominic

We made it! Dominic's Freshman year, his first year of high school, went by in a flash! And as of this last Thursday, he is no longer a Freshman. It is so hard to believe how fast the time is going.

The biggest part of Dominic's Freshman year was his new found love for running. He improved his time so much this year. Actually, at one track meet, he had just gotten a pretty big hair cut, he PR'd (Personal Record) by 2 whole seconds in the 400 meter! Jeff and I are convinced it was due to less wind resistance! He made it to the Championships (which you have to qualify to be in). We all went out to watch him; he made us proud. He got a mysterious quad strain toward the end of the year and had it wrapped by the trainer for the last few runs. Unfortunately, during his last race, the ACE bandage unravelled. Scary! It was dangling loose and got caught under a spike on his shoes....Considering all of this, he managed to stay on his feet and still not finish last in the race!

We attended two awards ceremony's during the past couple of academic and one sports. I think it is a true test of a student's abilities when he can manage participating in sports, and maintaining good grades. He got a 4.0 GPA all year! Yeah! A parent's dream!

Dominic has changed so much this year...both inside and out. We are so proud of the man that he is becoming and pray that the Lord continues to guide him in the right direction during these next few years of high school.

August 2010

June 2011

We love you Dom!


  1. Way to go, Dom! I can't believe how much he changed during the school year!

  2. Look out, Sophomore year! So exciting! And yay for the new haircut-- looks great!

  3. Way to go Dom! So proud of the young man he has become! And you should be proud of the fabulous job you have done in raising him! :)