Saturday, June 11, 2011

Libby on TV?

Meet Libby. I think I have included her in one previous post, but this one is just for her. She is our family dog. I know some may argue and say that they have the best dog ever...but really...Libby is the best!

We rescued her the same year we got married: 2003. Little did we know how amazing she would be for our family. She is so patient and gentle with the Littles, yet really likes to play rough with Dominic...Connor can get her riled up too. She does tricks. She dances. She has doggie play dates.

She even does photo shoots for the kids...

(Notice the train below her mouth.) I didn't say that she likes the photo shoots;) She doesn't look too thrilled about it does she?

But we didn't know that she snuck away to do a TV commercial!!! The other night while watching TV...there she was!!! ;)

OK, so it's not an exact match! But the coloring and her ears are pretty darn close.

We love you Libby!


  1. Such a sweetie. Can she come play with Moby? :)

  2. Hmmm... Libby's cool and all, but...

  3. Funny L. Shanna! Libby is so cute!