Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Staycation 2011

Woohoo! Last week was our first week of Summer vacation, in the sense that Jeff and I both had the week off and we had intended on taking the kids camping for a few days. The camping ended up not working out. So we had a Staycation instead. Here is how our week went...

Monday we had the morning free before Dominic started rehearsals for his Summer play, so we headed up to Mt. Diablo (AKA Mike Dadablo according to Connor!) We drove up to the tippy top, looked around a little and found a great picnic spot. This was all we had time for. Sad. I would've loved to have done some more hiking and exploring. Nonetheless we all had a really fun time.

Monday night I got together with some girlfriends to celebrate a couple June birthdays.

Tuesday was project day. And it was HOT. So we got started early. My dad came over and helped put stepping stones in our front lawn. (Ever since we got the van, Jeff has had to park on the right side of the driveway, leaving no room to walk up to the front door without walking across the lawn. I have wanted to add stepping stones for a long time to make it easier for our guests, especially in the rainy, soggy months.) It was more difficult than I had thought it would be and Jeff wasn't thrilled about this project to begin with. But as usual ;) he really likes the end result!

(This picture is before we finished, but gives an idea of what it looks like.)

Wednesday evening Jeff's sister had us over for dinner. It was a super hot day as well...Summer has finally hit here in California and the kids had a blast!

Connor had Summer camp almost every morning with his cousin, Cale.

And a couple afternoons he had swim lessons with his friend, Lydia.

He graduated to Orange Decided at Taekwondo. (This basically means he now has a headband and his next step is Yellow Belt.)

Thursday night I had some girlfriends over to watch Monday night's Bachelorette. I tell you...that Ashley girl is going to drive me crazy!

And we finished up the week with a little getaway to Monterrey. Just Jeff and I for 30 hours away. By ourselves. No kids. This hasn't happened for a year and a half. Ahhhh! It was really nice... and a great way to finish up the week.


  1. Fun week! And so glad you got some time away just the two of you!!

  2. So nice to have a night away! That's awesome! Too bad about the camping not working out though. :(

  3. So glad you finally got a night away with Jeff! Love all the summer pics of the kiddos :)