Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

This Father's Day was a little different than the typical Father's Day around here. Usually we are hopping around to different places trying to see everyone, or entertaining. This year, as it turned out...our only plans were to go to my parents for dinner. So that meant we had the rest of the day to do whatever Jeff wanted. I thought this was awesome! Jeff had a surprisingly difficult time with it. Everytime I asked him what he wanted to do...Lunch? Activities? He wanted to know what I wanted or he was thinking about what was best for the kids.

It was a real eye-opener for me as to how little he voices what he really wants and how much he cares about his family. Both heart-warming and sad in my opinion. We are going to have to work on that :)

He did finally decide he wanted to go ride the train at the railroad museum where he volunteers. He goes down there about once a month and works on the engines, but very rarely does he get to sit back and enjoy a train ride. So off we went!

Connor was super excited that Dad wanted to do something train-related!

It was a little hot but other than that, a beautiful day.

We were supposed to be at my parents by about 4:30 but when we got home from the train ride there was a message on the house phone from the police department saying that the front door of the bank where I work was unlocked. Oh we go...after some phone calls Jeff and I decided that we would pack everyone up for my parents and stop at the bank on the way.

A few police officers and a K-9 met me there to clear the building before we locked up. To the boys' dismay, they had to stay in the car.

However, I had mentioned that my family was waiting in the car, so after clearing the building, the officers suggested I go get the kids so they could watch the dog in action! Woohoo! Were they excited! Apparantly whenever the police don't find anybody in a building like that, they do a little training with the dog, so he doesn't lose interest. The kids got to see the dog chase after "the bad guy," (another officer with a big padded sleeve on) and "get him!"

It was really cool and a great example of how sometimes the biggest inconveniences in life have a way of working out.

We finally met up at my parents a little late, but had some drinks a delicious dinner.

The day before, Dominic had dug a hole in their side yard (just because) about 4 1/2 feet deep. Seriously, that thing was so deep! So Connor helped and they spent quite a bit of time filling it back up. Who needs toys or electronics?!?!

It was my brother's first Father's Day and I am really bummed that this was the only picture I got if him. (Maybe sometime soon I'll get a better camera!!!) But it was really nice to celebrate this day with him. I always knew he would make a great dad. And now, seeing him with his son is such a gift.

And then there's my dad...what a guy! Half the time he frustrates the hell out of me and half the time I love him like crazy. He is such a great grandpa and dad. If he has taught me anything, it is that family sticks together no matter what, especially when the going gets tough. I can still remember the day, at 17years old, when I told him I was pregnant. I was terrified! He just looked at me with so much love (and of course pain) and told me, "We're going to get through this."

And I remember the days I told him that Jeff and I were expecting Connor and Emma Kate. I remember the look of pride and excitement on his face as his eyes welled up with tears.

He has taught me that man or woman, it's ok to wear your heart on your sleeve and let people in.

And then there's my hubby...there are so many wonderful things I can say about this man. But I'll stick to the father stuff. I think just the fact that he married a woman who had a 7 year old son, adopted that son, and is raising him as his own, speaks volumes. But this man, like many others, would give anything for his kids. He is so involved and even after a long, tiring day at work, reaches deep inside of himself and finds the energy to give to his family. There is no one in the world whom I would rather be raising these children with.

And of course I can't post on Father's Day without thanking the one Father who has blessed me with these men in my life. It is only through Him that I am so blessed. He shows me such grace and forgiveness in my life. For that I am eternally grateful.

Happy Father's Day!


  1. Even *I* could have told you Jeff would've wanted to take a train ride, lol. :)

    I am cracking up that the boys entertained themselves by digging a hole. So funny!

  2. Love that last pic of Jeff! Love this post!

  3. Happy Dads, Happy Families! Love it :)

  4. What a fantastic day!! And you got to see a K-9 dog in action??? How are you going to top that next year??? :)