Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ladies' Lunch

Today we had a Ladies Lunch to celebrate this special lady (Tegan) and her upcoming wedding. 

It was hosted by this special lady (Jaime) at her house.

Tegan and her soon to be hubby will be headed somewhere in Mexico for their honeymoon, so Jaime decided to have their honeymoon be the focus of the luncheon. It was such a gorgeous day and her backyard was perfect for the event.  

Yummy Izze's and Pellegrino Waters were served for refreshments...oh and some champagne with dessert:)

She ordered sandwiches and had put together boxes of mixed green salad, as well as boxes of fruit ahead of time.

The centerpieces:

Dessert! Heidi brought the cupcakes. So cute in their push-up packaging.

It was so nice to see "the girls," however some were missing:( We'll get to see the rest in a few short weeks though!!!

Tegan's son was there also. He is such a cutie! He is also probably the most well-behaved 2 1/2 year old I know! Absolute angel!

Tegan got some really fun gifts both for home and the honeymoon. A few highlights were a really sweet quilt made by her soon-to-be-MIL, and the TOMS given to her by Heidi in the first picture. These are for the reception, unless Teegie wants to dance the night away in 4 inch heels!

Jamie did an amazing job putting the afternoon together. Tegan was glowing from beginning to end.
Stay tunned for wedding recap in a few weeks...!

As for now...Tegan, we love you and are so happy for you!


  1. I'm so glad you got a pic of the Push Up Pops! Super Cute! Glad we had Girls time today. Fun was had by all....But Kim and Rose we sure did Miss you!

  2. I missed you guys, too! So much!

  3. Thank you Laura! I am so blessed and honored to get to share in all these festivities with you! :)