Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Foreshadowing

Emma Kate can now reach Jeff's little "docking station."
The other day I came around the corner of the kitchen to find her with Jeff's wallet. 

I can just see her in...hopefully several years from now...asking her daddy for money.

And if she is anywhere near as cute as she is now...there is no way he'll be able to refuse.

Somehow I think their relationship is a little different than reflected in this next picture...
In truth...Emma Kate actually has Daddy wrapped around her finger.


  1. Going straight for the $20-- good girl!

  2. So sweet! Crazy how these little girls have that ability to wrap their dads around their little finger, isn't it? Currently listening to Ella have a full conversation with her daddy (about princesses and dinosaurs) in the other room. Love every second of it.