Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Flat Tire, Karate, and Puke

Tuesday 3:30pm
Dinner in the crockpot...check!
House in acceptable disaray...check!
Dominic staying after school to do some Peer problem...rode his bike to school today...doesn't matter when he's done...cause he doesn't need a ride...check!
Emma Kate had gotten up from nap a little moody.
She felt really warm so I decided to take her temp before heading out for Connor's Taekwondo class.
I was wrestling with her, trying to keep the thermometer under her arm, while juggling the remote in an attempt to turn on Dora for a 2 minute distraction, telling Connor for the 5th time to get his Spiderman costume on (the children got to wear their costumes to class today so he was SUPER excited that Spiderman got to do Taekwondo,) when I noticed a missed call from Dominic.
With my 3rd hand I dialed him up to see what was going on. He informed me that as he got ready to head home on his bike, he noticed that his front wheel was totally flat. I asked him if he could call Papa to go get him and bring him home.

3:40 (usually the time we leave for Taekwondo, which starts at 4:00)
I rethought my decision as "Mom Guilt" crept up on me.
"I'm his mom...I should make this work!"
So I quickly called my dad, cancelled his ride, gathered up Spiderman, Emma Kate, a snack, etc...

Actually left the house.
Drove like a crazy woman to Dom's school, threw his bike in the back of the van, told him NEVER to drive like I am driving, stopped in the middle of the street in front of the house, told him I loved him as I "kicked" him out of the car, and zoomed off.

Arrived late to class with Spiderman commenting how he can't breathe or see very well through his mask. Yet he declined when I told him I could hold it for him.

As I was trying to keep a now-20-month-old content for a half hour, I fed her yogurt covered raisins. She was walking around a little amongst the other parents and a couple younger siblings as she ate. This is when she started to choke on her now-mouth full of raisins. It started as a little choke, I waited a second...not quite clearing up...I calmly got up, went and grabbed her, and as I was thinking she was ok, and heading back to my seat with her...she threw up...yup she puked...on me...on the floor...right in front of the row of parents...right in clear view of Spiderman, Buzz, The A Team Wrestler, all yelling, "Hi----yah!"

Before I knew it, two of the other moms had sprung into action. As I am helplessly trying to keep my daughter close, using baby wipes to start to clean up the floor, they appeared with both wet and dry paper towels and were taking care of business! That floor was clean in 3 minutes trace of puke anywhere...until I looked down at my clothes. I grabbed her and headed for the bathroom, as a piece of regurgitated hot dog fell out of the bottom of my shirt!  

After thanking those two women countless times for helping me, I grabbed Emma (spotless) and Spiderman (apparantly clueless that anything out of the norm had happened) and walked out of there with countless wet spots on my clothes from trying to wipe away the puke, and my head held high with any shred of dignity I had left in me. (To think I had been worried that people would notice that my toes were in desperate need of a pedicure!)

Would have fallen apart crying in the car on the way home... if it hadn't have been for those mom's. I was too thankful to cry.

Back to the if nothing had ever rushed dinner prep, etc...

Jeff came home, kissed me, paused...and said,
"What's that smell?"

Oh did I have a story for him!!


  1. SuperMom!

    p.s. You are the second choking on a yogurt covered raisin story this week! Those are some dangerous snacks!


  2. Well Laura, I just don't know what to say!!!!


  3. that's my girl!!!WOW!! what a woman!!! Mom :)

  4. Yes, this week was not a good week for puke and yogurt. You are the best Mom in the WORLD!