Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ths Spaceship Has Landed

A couple of weeks ago when all the shelves in the door of our refrigerator fell almost on top of Connor, I decided I had had enough. This has been happening sparatically for a couple of years now...never, until this point on one of the kids.
In addition to this issue, we began have problems with our water/ice dispenser in the front of the freezer door. When someone went to get water or ice and started to pull his cup away releasing the button, it would keep running. Countless times I cleaned up overflows. When I looked over to see that Connor had run away from the fridge while ice was dispensing all over the kitchen, I had had enough!

Last week we purchased a new fridge! Could our old one have been repaired? Probably.
 But not the shelves in the door issue...That's my justification.

I figured I should probably pull our old fridge out from the wall and clean a bit before the delivery of  the new one.
Wow! It was nasty under there! Am I the only one who never cleans under the refrigerator?!?! 
OK, I'm bearing all...this is what it looked like!
Really it was worse than this because there was a miriad of markers, magnets, and other long lost treasures among the dust and grime. The walls were also coated with dust.
Get the picture?!?!

This is what I swept up...I think I swept up a small dog!

Please...go clean before you, too, are ever in this predicament!!!

And then it came....

The Kenmore Elite.
31 cubic feet.
It was the biggest standard size fridge they carry.

The LED lights inside look like you've just peered inside a spaceship.

You just can't beat the feeling of a new refrigerator.
It will never be this clean...ever...ever...again :(

Hopefully it will be big enough to handle this growing family.
(Growing in size...not in numbers!)

Oh and check out this little gem (among many) that I found underneath the old fridge...

Dominic made this probably about 5 years ago.
He is still friends with these kids...and none of them look like that anymore!
So sweet!


  1. We have that same fridge!! You will love it!

  2. Love the three door Fridge! Hooray for new appliances!