Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Meeting Cousin Mikey

On Sunday we headed straight from Apple Hill to my Aunt's house in Rancho Cordova. We had dinner planned with the family to meet my cousin's newest son, Mikey, born in July.
We were holding our breaths as to whether or not we were cramming too much into one day, and stretching the kids too thin.
Fortunately Emma Kate took a 20 minute nap on the way down the hill.

Upon arriving at my aunt's house we got to meet this little guy!

Here is his older brother, Giuseppe...now 15 years old!

(He looks a lot like Dominic, doesn't he?!?! Absolutely no blood relation! We met Giuseppe when he was 3 and Dominic was 3 1/2. They looked like they could be twins at the time...right down to the same skin and hair color.)

Shortly after dinner, Jeff and I gave eachother the look that said, "I'm ready...you?" (To go, that is.)

As we were starting to pack things up, my mom says, "Can we get a group picture of the kids?"
I explained to her that Emma Kate was NOT going to be game for this idea and that in the future we needed to do this type of thing earlier. Emma was exhausted...and so were we. Connor was totally would up and we wanted to get home.

3 minutes later...my aunt says, "Can we get a group picture of the kids?"


So I gave in.

Ummm...leave it to my daughter to prove me wrong to my mother!
We placed all the other kids first, as I was preparing to have to put a screaming Emma Kate in Dom's lap.
As she watched everyone else sit down, she went and had a seat next to Connor.
My daughter who usually will not look at me and smile for photos...
was super excited for this process!

I thought I'd include a few for your entertainment:)

After everyone got up, Emma was ready for more.
I might have to blow up this next one for somewhere in the house...I am in love with it!

And I will treasure this next one of Nana and The Littles forever.

Yes, we were tired.
Family dinners are not like they used to be when Dominic and Giuseppe were the only kids.
(And those two were always on the quiter side.)
Family get-togethers like these are so much work with the kids.
Top that off with an hour and a half drive home, baths, bedtime, and work the next morning.


But so worth it.


  1. LOVE the picture of Miss Emma!! And why is it that we think we finally have our children figured out and then they go proving us wrong to our own parents?!? :) Glad you had a fun day!

  2. So, so so so so so cute! I remember Giuseppe at your wedding-- he was so little then! I guess we all were :)

  3. I saw that first pic of Giuseppe and immediately thought, "OMG, Dom got a hair cut!!!" Lol :)