Monday, October 31, 2011

Pre-Halloween Sunday

This year is actually, in my opinion, kinda nice that Halloween is on a Monday.
It allowed for lots of fun activities and plenty of time to prep for the big day.
Saturday was pretty uneventful...we both worked.

But yesterday was full of fun...
After church we headed to Downtown Martinez for their Halloween Event.
Many of the downtown shops opened their doors to trick-or-treaters.
They also had a "trunk show" in which a lot of local businesses parked along-side the streets, popped open their trunks, and decorated for Halloween. They, too, passed out candy to the kids.
Added bonus...Farmer's Market was also going on.
We really should have gone home for a nap for Emma Kate before going, but I wanted to get there early, so we took our chances.
She did "ok" but by the end she had had ENOUGH!

I started the pics of our day with one of me!
Jeff is always taking pictures of me...which when I think about's really sweet...but most of the time I don't like how they turn out and I never include them in my posts.
So here's one I like!

You also get a sneak peak at Connor and Emma Kate's costumes in this post!!

Here's Connor and Emmy, excuse me...Spiderman and my Ice Cream Cone...getting some yummy's....

It was good practice for Emma the time we were done, she knew exactly what to do.
Tonight she'll be a pro...fingers crossed!

Here's Connor walking far away from us...though he's a little better this year, he's still pretty scared of the decorations.

Emma thought she could get candy from the Farmer's Market stands.
She stood at the pears saying, "Teeet!" (Trick or Treat!)
The lady was really sweet and dropped a pear into her bag.

Did I mention she was DONE by the end?!?!
In the car she was the grumpiest thing ever!
Just Dominic looking over at her would cause her to shout, "No!!"

After some much needed rest time we asked Gram and Nana to come join us for some pumpkin-carving.

Dominic decided to go simple this year..
Do you remember last year's fiasco?!?!

Connor actual helped. A little. This year.

So little that we didn't get a picture of him sticking his hand in trying to get the seeds out.
He was my cheerleader though as I created exactly what he wanted...Doc Hudson from the movie, Cars.

Everyone was pleased with their creations.
I'm sad I didn't get a picture of my mom' was really cute too.

Connor's (and mine) on left. Dominic's on right...if you couldn't tell :)
Doc turned out really good! (I can say that because all I did was use a template from one of those carving books.)
Dominic's...well that's the face I get from him a lot lately...fitting I guess!!

So we're ready! All ready for Halloween!
Hope yours is fun and safe!


  1. Great costumes!! I'm impressed with your carving skills!