Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Originally I was scheduled to work on Halloween this year. I am so thankful that my boss gave me the day off because it was busy!...And so much fun!
I started the day by taking my homeless man to school...
On the way to school I glanced over to see a full paper bag in his lap, no backpack in sight.
When I asked him if he remembered his backpack, he replied, 
"Mom, homeless people don't have backpacks! Everything I need is in this brown shopping bag."
Jeez...I should've known!!  

If he doesn't make the Halloween Page in the yearbook this year...something's wrong!
He had so much fun with people not knowing who he was.

Later in the morning I went to Connor's school to watch the Kindergartners' Parade and attend their party.
Connor was hilarious as he showed off his muscles to the crowd.
(Later he told me that he was "jealous" that everyone was looking at him...I think he ment "embarrassed.")

Side note: So much of the time I don't think about how little this little man really is. Especially with a younger sister in the house, I think I treat Connor older than he really is a lot of the time. As I watched these little Kindergartners, I remembered back to when Dominic was in Kindergarten and how cute and little he was. It was just another one of those "Mom" moments that put time in perspective for me and reminded me how quickly it goes by.

Connor and his teacher...

Later in the day we all headed over to Uncle Nick and Aunt Becki's house, as we do every year, to Trick-or-Treat with the cousins.

My little Ice Cream Cone was so into it!

So was my Pumpkin..

It took Corben a little bit...

But the Spidermen were fast and furious! This was the year for them!
They literally ran from house to house.

Luckily Dom had opted to hang with the family this year, and was totally game for keeping up with Connor and Cale. It was so looked like some crazy guy was following the boys around!

Why oh why did I not insist on taking their group picture at the beginning?!?!

Emma Kate had truly had enough!
Connor was pretty exhausted too from all that running!
(Though still in good spirits, he hitched a ride back to the house in the wagon.)

It was definitely "tricky" with the slower little ones and the faster big kids.
We all fell into bed with full bellies and very tired legs!

Happy Halloween!


  1. ADORABLE! I love the little ice cream cone ;)

  2. OMG! So funny that all three of our 5 year olds were Spiderman this year!

  3. Great pictures!! Love that ice cream cone costume and your boys looked awesome too!

  4. So, so cute!!! And love that Dom stayed true to character keeping his books in a brown sack! :)