Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sonoma With My Hubby

Ever been to the Wine Country in the Fall?
If not...GO! It is simply beautiful!

This past Saturday Jeff and I left the kids with his parents and took off for a night in Sonoma, CA.
Next week is Jeff's birthday and every year I try to plan a get-away. It never seems to work out since it's such a busy time of year.
This year, however, I planned ahead, spent a lot of time on Trip Advisor...and off we went.

I found a beautiful B&B to stay at...The Victorian Garden Inn. If given the choice, I typically like the "fancy pancy" hotels, as Jeff calls them.
Jeff, however, loves all things antique.
Since we were going in celebration of his birthday...I obliged...and so glad I did!

Here's J outside our room...The Woodcutter's Cottage.

The Main House.

Plenty of wood burning logs to get us through a very chilly night!

Here's the inside of our cottage, right next to the Water Tower...

The attention to detail at the Inn was so amazing. The Inn Keeper was more than sweet and accomodating.
If I'm not careful, I may switch over from my "Fancy Pancy" preferences!

After settling in, we walked to "The Square."
(Only 2 blocks from the B&B.)

We got some mocha's from Basque Boulangerie, which I already knew was amazing from my girl's trip this past Summer, we walked, shopped, took pictures, and  talked.
With no interuptions. Just us.
We even laughed!

Anytime we come across a small local pub, and no children are present...we have to stop for a drink :)

Murphy's was really fun!

After walking our feet off, we hopped in the car and headed for dinner...
Breakaway Cafe.
(Which I had been to before with some girlfriends as well.)
They have a burger there called "The Beltane."
If you ever go...try it!

After dinner we headed back to our room. It was a very rainy night and perfect for staying in.
It was so nice to re-connect with my hubby.
It is very easy to get caught up in the every day "stuff," that sometimes we start to feel like "Business Partners" rather than husband and wife.

The next morning we had a special delivery...

Ahhh! Breakfast in!

And then we headed home...
Last looks at the Vineyards on the way...

Absolutely gorgeous! Even on a cloudy day.
We have so much to be thankful for...trips like this help remind us of that.
And even though we take off for time alone and we talk about the kids a lot of the time...
we decided that's ok!
We created those kids together.
They're pretty awesome.
And it's not very often that we get the time alone to talk about them!

Happy Birthday Honey!