Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gingerbread Build 2011

We are in full swing holiday mode!
Starting off with our traditional Gingerbread House Building at Bunga's house.

Ummm...I believe by the looks of the boys in both of these pictures...they have candy in their mouths, not just on their houses!

Dom got really creative and used the foil from a chocolate candy to recreate light shining through the back window of his house...so cool!

This was the first year that Connor and Cale were really able to do their houses by themselves...
they had so much fun!

Bunga spoils us and has all the houses put together ahead of time.
We bring all our Halloween candy and some newly collected holiday candy together.
(This is the last time Halloween candy is seen in our house for the year.
If the kids ask...we used it all on the houses!)

Here's the front of my house this year...

Our neighborhood.... :)

I LOVE that my MIL started this tradition. We almost always do it the weekend after Thanksgiving and take them home to enjoy for the whole month of December.

I would like to say that Emma Kate was interested in helping...
But every time I looked around, she had her cheeks full of some unknown substance and chocolate in the corners of her mouth...or her hand was reaching as high up on the table as she possible could reach it in hopes of finding another yummy treat...
Oh Boy! There's only so much a mom can do!


  1. I can't blame Emma K... Those houses look delicious!

  2. Love that tradition! I'm going to have to find a way to do that this year. Do they make organic, low-sugar ones? :)