Thursday, December 22, 2011

Musically Challenged

Last weekend Dominic's music teacher across the street had a holiday party, which included a sampling of her students' talents. (Dominic takes both voice and piano from her.)
She has this party almost every year and I always look forward to it.
We haven't been in a couple of years though and I forgot that even though the whole family is is really geared more for early teens and up...meaning not toddlers and five-year-olds!

This is how it went...
We make the LONG trek across the street ;)

Walk in to find quite a few people mingling, lots of food, lots of sweets...very close to the edge of a very-reachable table.

Her house was beautifully decorated for Christmas...

Immediately Connor started asking for cookies..."Ok...2...each...for you and your sister."
This lasted about 2 minutes before they wanted more and Emma Kate was reaching up trying to grab more sweets off the table.

Emma also wanted to play the gorgeous piano that was all set for Dom's music teacher...not a 21 month old with sticky fingers!

Finally it was time for a few performances...
The first was by an adult man who sang a Christmas song (for the life of me-at  this moment- can't remember which one it was!) absolutely beautifully (this is why I love this party so much...I love love love hearing some good voices...especially singing Christmas songs.)

We conveniently had seated ourselves on the couch, very close to this man, microphone, and the speaker.
As he started, Emma was all smiles...she thought this was pretty neat...
by the end of the very L-O-N-G, very LOUD song, both of my young children had their hands over their ears. So embarrassing!

Then it was Dom's turn!
(Let me tell home when Dominic practices the piano, Emma Kate will stand next to him and "play" along...I think this is really cute...and so does Dom...AT HOME!)
This was not so cute when she got up and tried to play along with him when he was performing in front of a house full of people!

I swooped her up and took her in the kitchen. For some juice. At 7pm.
Whatever it takes to keep 'em happy. And quiet. And it worked.

Dominic then hopped on the "mic" and belted out Michael Bubble's "Cry Me A River."
Yeah Dom!
He sounded so good!

One other student sang and then it was time for more drinks, food, and mingling...

Connor thought this meant it was time to climb all over the couch.

And Emma Kate thought it was her turn to sing...

Jeff swooped the kids up to take them home to bed.

(It probably wasn't THAT bad to other people...but to us...totally exhausting...and we weren't even there that long!)

Sadly Jeff left before getting to hear this young lady sing,
"Where are you Christmas?"

She had the most clear and beautiful voice I have ever heard! Especially for being 10 years old!
I had tears in my eyes by the end of the song.

We then gathered closely around the piano and sang some Christmas carols as Dom's teacher worked the piano...and her voice!
I barely sang...I am always mesmerized when I hear that woman sing...she has such a beautiful operatic voice...and there was no way I was going to put everyone to shame with the "beauty" of my own singing!

Oh boy! Chop this night up as another adventure of having 3 kids of very different ages and stages...
Next year...BABYSITTER!