Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Date Night with Connor

I needed to get Connor out for some new shoes and he has been expressing a strong desire to spend some one-on-one time with me, thus...
DATE NIGHT with Connor!!

We headed to Walnut Creek to see all the Christmas decorations and lights.
(Secretly I needed to get him into Nordstrom  for shoes.)

As we walked from the parking garage, I suggested that since we were walking "this way" that we go through Crate & Barrel...
he obliged and insisted that we go upstairs (he always loves to go up there!)
(We walked around upstairs through the furniture department while he asked over and over,
"Would you want that, Mom?"

After going through Pottery Barn, getting some Hot Chocolate at William Sonoma (thinking of you, L.!) and checking out the ornaments at the Hallmark store, I saw a sign outside of  Build A Bear that read,
"Build your own Bear ONLY 24.99!"

I thought, "Now that would be a lot more fun than grabbing dessert together tonight!"

I suggested that we go in and make a new cozy bear to snuggle and keep Connor safe all night.
(We have lots of issues...still...with Connor wanting to come into our bed at night :(
And to think once upon a time he was a great sleeper!)

And so in we went!

He stuffed...

He picked a heart and warmed it with his hands before putting it in his new bear...

After a quick bath, the creation of a Birth Certificate, and some new clothes...
We have..."Fluffy!"

He had so much fun!

We made it to Nordstrom for about 20 minutes with many unsuccessful pairs of shoes tried on.
He was sprawled out on the bench in the shoe department with his eyes drooping when I realized I probably had pushed him a little too late!

One stop at the Christmas tree before heading home...
(Wish I had gotten a better picture but this will have to do.)

He was so proud when we arrived home to introduce Fuzzy to the rest of the family.

I think I've started a new tradition of Holiday Time Date Nights...and probably Any Time Date Nights with the kids.
I'm kinda diggin' it!