Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dom & Mom Night Out

Dominic and I have NOT been getting along the last couple has been rough!
This morning before school was a sort of breaking point for me. 
All day I was thinking about how I can barely stand being around him lately (I'm sorry! It's true!)
I also was thinking that it is "definitely" time for a TALK.

I have also been telling Jeff that I need to take Dom out shopping both for some nice clothes/shoes for Christmas and to help him finish up his shopping. (I have been dreading this...clothes and shoe shopping with my teenage son is no picnic...let me tell you!)

Jeff suggested I take him out tonight and talk while we were out.
As the day progressed I started thinking about how this could either go very well...

We got in the car about 7:30 tonight.
I asked him where he needed to go and what he needed to get.
We derrived a pretty good plan and off we went.

We hit a couple stores and were having...
A really good time.

This is when I decided to exercise my woman's right to change her mind...
and not talk about the last couple of weeks or this morning's unfortunate event.

Just to enjoy my time with my teenage son.
After all he probably won't be around too many more years.
And he is pretty cool when we get to just
(Like the old days!)

We stopped at CPK for dessert.
We decided to sit at the counter...which I haven't done for YEARS!
(A family of 5 doesn't really lend itself to counter seating...
actually it doesn't really lend itself to seating. In a restaurant. At all lately.)

Then we shared the Key Lime Pie...mmmm..
And some nice stiff waters;)

We enjoyed the lights of downtown Walnut Creek.

And he showed me how to use the Manual Focus on my camera.
(A benefit to having a teenager around!)

We did lots of shopping.
He picked out a very nice Christmas outfit...
just wait...!
He got 3 new pairs of shoes as well...woohoo!
(He was so overdue!)

And we got a little silly with our pictures by the tree...

I have no regrets about not having had any serious talk with him tonight.
It was so nice to just enjoy HIM and who he is right now.

My hope is that having some one-on-one time will make the next few weeks a little nicer...
and if not...I had tonight.

And it was really fun:)


  1. :) So glad you both had this time. Maybe that's all you both needed!

  2. I LOVE this post and need to remember this when I have a teenager!

  3. So sweet! I love the last pics of you guys! And Good for you for using your manual setting!!!

  4. Aw, love this! Great photos and I agree with L - maybe this is JUST what you guys needed... talking is totally over-rated. :) Also, key lime pie is my favorite and I want that right now!